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Bullz-Eye interview with Jennifer Chamberlin, fitness competitor and model

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Jennifer Chamberlin, a stunning 5'6" brunette with green eyes, started training about eight years ago. In June of 2001, she competed in her first show and the rest, as they say, is history. Jennifer is definitely on her way, having been featured in many of the top fitness magazines and sponsored by TwinLab. After reading the following interview and seeing some of the pictures we borrowed from her site,, you'll agree she has a bright future.

Jennifer Chamberlin

Q: Where are you originally from?

Q: Do you have any brothers or sisters? 
Four brothers and three sisters.

Q: Has your family been a strong source of support in your life?
Yes, they are there for the rough times.

Q: You're obviously in great shape. Do you workout regularly and do you watch what you eat?
Being a fitness model and figure competitor I need to stay in really good shape year round. I workout six days a week, two hours a day.

Q: How much cardio do you do each day training for a show?
A: One hour a day.

Jennifer Chamberlin Jennifer Chamberlin

Q: In regards to weight, what's your routine like?
I split up my body parts when weight training. I train very heavy with high reps right now getting ready to compete.

Q: Do you use a trainer? 
A: Yes, David…he's wonderful. The best out there.

Q: What got you into figure competitions?
A: I went to shows and finally got up and competed and won my first shows. The passion grew from there.

Q: How far would you like to go? 
I just want to be as successful as I can be and continue to share advice and inspire people.

Jennifer Chamberlin Jennifer Chamberlin

Q: The pictures on your Website are outstanding. You look like a natural in front of the camera. Did being in front of a camera take a while to get used to?
Yes. I'm still learning how to pose correctly so I look the best in my photos. It's all about getting the pose down and even more importantly the face down. Got to have everything looking perfect to get that perfect shot.     

Q: In all of the pictures I've seen you look very comfortable, not to mention stunning. Do you find it much more difficult to pose with less clothing?
No! The less I have on (tinier the suit) the more comfortable I am actually. Makes me feel sexier.

Q: A lot of models say the same thing. Some have said they feel sensual or even turned on while doing photo shoots. Do you feel that way while posing for the camera?
A: I feel sexy, but I don't get turned on. I do get into the shoot, though, and move around a lot.

Jennifer Chamberlin Jennifer Chamberlin

Q: You've been featured in many magazines. What do you like most about being a model?
Well, the shoots are very fun. You get to get all pampered and done up! But the best is being able to meet so many wonderful people in the industry: the fans, the pros, models and getting to work with the best photographers in the biz.

Q: What do you like the least?
On shoots when I have to go into the cold ocean and come out freezing!

Q: What are some other hobbies you enjoy?
Bodyboarding, horseback riding and photography.

Q: What kind of music do you like to listen to?
Aerosmith, Dave Matthews Band.

Q: Do you feel some men are intimidated because you are so fit and beautiful?
Some men are too shy to approach me so they stare from afar. I wish they would come up to me and see that there's nothing to be shy about. I'm very approachable.

Jennifer Chamberlin Jennifer Chamberlin

Q: With your schedule do you find it hard to have a social life?
I make myself take time to get out with friends. But, yes, often it is hard to fit it in and they have to wait on me because I get too busy.

Q: What kind of man turns you on the most?
A strong, confident man who smells wonderful and is a gentleman and can make me laugh.

Q: What kinds of things in a man are turn offs?
Arrogance, back hair, rudeness.

Q: If we were to go out, what would be your ideal date?
Nice dinner, hit a club, good conversations/romantic vibes.

Q: What's the best piece of advice you can give a man on approaching women?
Be subtle but confident.

Q: What is the best way a man could approach you to ensure your interest?
Be himself and make me smile.

Q: What is the number one philosophy you live by?
A: You only have one shot -- do not miss your chance...go after those dreams.

Jennifer Chamberlin

Q: If the readers of want to contact you through your Website, will they get an answer from you? I know you must get hundreds of letters a day. Do you answer all your e-mail?
I answer every single e-mail I receive personally.

Favorite car: Mercedes 500SL
Favorite food:
Chicken Parmesan (meal) and Teramisu (dessert)
Favorite color:

Jennifer, thank you for your time and good luck with your modeling and future competitions. 

Thanks Mike. It was my pleasure.

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