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The Internet has created a revolution in the area of personal finance. It's now hard to imagine investing in stocks or looking for a loan without using the Internet as a resource, either for research purposes or actually conducting transactions. We've put together a web guide of some of the best financial web sites, and we will continuously update this section as we uncover more useful resources.

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General Finance Resources

The Investing section of this web site is a great resource for the latest news in this area. The site is very well-organized and is loaded with useful information.

Yahoo! Finance
This is one of the most popular financial sites on the web due in large part to the site's easy to use format for researching stocks and tracking portfolios. Most financial sites now model many of the features on their sites to the features developed by Yahoo! If you want easy access to financial information, you can't beat this site.

Business Insider - Personal Finance
The finance section of this online business magazine is loaded with useful content.
This site is also an excellent resource for conducting company research, providing a wide range of information in an easy to access format.

Credit Reports
Applying for a loan, credit card or trying to buy a home? It is important to check all 3 of your credit reports and credit scores before you apply so that you ensure you get the best rate. Visit to check your credit reports and credit scores online today.

Morningstar has historically been a leader in providing information on mutual funds, and its Web site lives up to its reputation.
This site is "an online loan marketplace where lenders compete for your business and you choose the loan that's right for you." It's a great example of how the Inernet has changed everything. Consumers now have many more choices when looking for a loan.

Free online tools to manage your money.

Checkbook News
This blog covers personal finance issues, including savings, retirement, taxes, insurance, banking and more.

Google Finance
All information without unnecessary bells and whistles. Typical Google.

American Business Blog
You can't understand personal finance without having some understanding of business and the economy. Check out this blog for information in those areas.

Finance Resources Pages

We've created a number of pages covering a variety of topics related to personal finance and investing to give you more resources you can use for financial planning.

Finance resources, Fintech, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs
The finance world keeps evolving, and there are tons of options out there, but you need to be careful to avoid the hype and invest wisely. Remember that diversification is your friend.

Broker Resources
The world has evolved to the point where brokers are much less relevant than when we started this page.

Business Magazines and Media
The financial media world has changed considerably over the years. Still, there are great resources out there if you want to learn about business.

Business Investment News Resources
There are tons of excellent resources out there for investmnent news.

Financial Commentary
The world of financial commentary is much more diverse now, with podcasts and newsletters having more influence.

Company Research Tools and Resources
Company research is an important part of investing.

Financial Advice and Planning Resources
It's always good to consider using a professional our outside service to assist you with your financial planning.

Financial Magazines
Like business magazines, this area has evolved considerably over the years.

Getting Started in Investing
It's very important to get started early, so check this page out to get going.

IPO Investing Resources
Interest in IPOs fluctuates a lot depending on whether we have a bull market.

Finance and Stock Message Boards and Forums
These resources became very popular once the web took off in the 90s, and now they have evolved to apps as well.

Mortgage Resources
A mortgage is often one of the most important financial decisions a person will make.

Mutual Fund Resources
Long-term investing often includes mutual funds.

Stock Quote Resources
These resources used to be a new tool, but now they're everywhere.

Personal Income Taxes - Resources
Make sure you know what you're doing with your taxes, and get professional help if you need it.

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