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For a couple of years, you couldn't go anywhere without someone talking about real estate investing. Everyone was making money it seemed, so it was a very popular subject. That should have been a warning sign.

With the collapse of the sub-prime mortgage market, times are now much tougher. Real estate values are plunging and it's becoming harder for many to get a mortgage, and some are stuck in mortgages they can't afford.

The Web contains numerous resources to help users find mortgage deals and also apply online for a mortgage. Some sites are direct lenders, while others are referral services to lenders or simply resources for finding the best rates. The sites are usefull for new home purchases along with mortgage refinancings. It also has resources for those who feel they need help.

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Web Guide

Mortgage Loan
Great website for all your loan needs! Get real quotes in seconds, lenders compete for your business so you get the lowest rates possible!
Awesome site that helps you compare available interest rates. You can't get a loan here, but it's a great place to start.
Solid Web site that's easy to use. They came up with the hilarious commercials about the sleazy broker who keeps losing "another loan to Ditech."
This site is "an online loan marketplace where lenders compete for your business and you choose the loan that's right for you."

Title Max
Online car title loan provider. TitleMax offers a title loan which allows customers to meet their cash needs.

Quicken Loans
This site is uncluttered and loaded with information. You can't go wrong with the folks at Quicken. 

Mortgage loans and more. The site helps you figure out what kind of loan is best for you.
This site has a useful mortgage interest calculator along with tons of useful links and information.

Payday Loans
Unfortunately in these troubled times, actually making your mortgage payments has become a real challenge. Look for the best option out there for payday loans to get the cash you need to make payments on time, and check out PayDayOne.

Mortgage News

Borrowers had a field day during the mortgage boom, but now that boom has turned into a mortgage crisis. Unfortunately, many borrowers can't keep up with their payments, and real estate prices have started to decline after years of hefty increases. You can keep up on the news in the mortgage market with some of the sites below. - Real Estate
This site is loaded with news links tracking the real estate and mortgage markets.

Mortgage News Daily
Useful aggregator of mortgage news links.

Mortgage Fraud Blog
There's tons of mortgage fraud out there and this blog does a great job of tracking the latest developments. Start here if you think you've been a victem of fraud.

Mortgage Daily
Tons of mortgage news.

Checkbook News - Mortgages
This personal finance blogs addresses issues of home ownership and affordable mortgages.

Blog covering the mortgage industry.

The Mortgage Reports
Great blog from Dan Green, a certified mortgage planning specialist.

American Business Blog - Mortgages
This business blog covers the real estate markets and mortgages as well.

Huffington Post - Real Estate
Get breaking news on the real estate crisis from the gang at HuffPo.

NY Times - Real Estate
Plenty of mortgage news in the Time real estate section.

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