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In the bubble days, message boards were one of the most popular features on the Web for those investors who loved tracking stocks along with those investors who had nothing better to do but post message after message on these boards.

The boards have become notorious in the investment community because they provide the means for investors who want to hype stocks and fuel rumors. Many have blamed the boards for contributing to the bubble and the crash. Obviously, you should never believe everything you read on the boards. Any moron can post information on one of these sites. That said, the message boards can be a useful resource for learning about a company (assuming you can later confirm the facts) as well as understanding investor sentiment about a company or news that has been released about a company. They can also be hilarious or extremely annoying. bit the dust, so here's some of what's left.

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Yahoo! Finance
The message boards on this site are well-organized and easy to use. Most important, however, is that the message boards are integrated into the excellent portfolio tracking system which allows readers to quickly scan recent messages as they are reviewing their portfolios.

Motley Fool
This site's popularity can be traced in large part to its message boards and the lively discussions as to the merits of individual stocks in the context of this site's investment philosophies. Surfing is free, and posting only requires registration as a member.

Silicon Investor
SI is one of the most popular message boards on the Web. Surfing the message boards is free, but you must become a paying member if you want to post messages on the boards ($60 for six months).

Instant Bull
This site aggregates messages from all the popular message boards and has a handy "scroll-over" feature that let's you quickly browse posts without clicking each post. Check out the write-up of this site on Business Week.

Great resource bringing to various message boards.

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