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If you're interested in investing, reading one or more of the well-known business magazines can be a very useful tool for learning about companies, business and the markets in general. This can be particularly helpful if you invest in individual stocks. Fortunately, each of these magazines has excellent online editions that are mostly free for all viewers. These sites can be particularly helpful for company research by conducting a search of the company name on these sites that will provide you with past articles that mention that company. Each site offers more than the current version of the magazine, including news and business information.

Naturally, these sites are also very useful for anyone interested in business in general. The business media offers a ton of information and analysis, and reading these magazines and newspapers can benefit you regardless of your career choice.

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This site offers free access to each edition of this well-known magazine from 1996, providing a useful resource for researching companies. Of all the business magazines, Forbes has created the best Web site.

Business Week
This magazine was recently aquired by Bloomberg, so you can now see some changes to the layout of the website. Overall, it still provides an impressive amount of information and it's one of the best resources out there for business stories.
This site offers much of the excellent content that appears in the printed version, along with additional features. With respect to archives, readers can search archived articles and see a summary, but viewing the entire article requires a fee of $2.95 per article.

Wall Street Journal Online
This excellent online edition of the Wall Street Journal, which includes Barron's Online, is unfortunately a subscription based service. Subscribers to the print version can subscribe to the online edition for an additional $29 per year.

Fast Company
Great resource if you want to read about tech and Internet companies.

This is a must read magazine if you're interested in technology and innovation as it relates to business trends. The website is also excellent, with in-depth blogs covering all sorts of topics.

The Economist
This well-respected magazine covers economics and world affairs in a sophisticated manner. Most people say they read this just so they sound smart. Read it and you become smarter!

Financial Times
This is a worthy competitor to the Wall Street Jounral. You'll get excellent financial news here.

Investor's Business Daily
If you can get past the right wing editorial page (which has little to do with business), this can be another helpful resource regarding company information and investing.

The Business Journals
This cool online magazine from Business Journals covers entrepreneurs and startups.

Harvard Business Review
Up your game with the smart folks at Haaaaaarvard.

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