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The Web is loaded with excellent finance sites, most of which are free. The following happen to be our overall favorites, regardless of the primary emphasis of the site. Most of the financial sites on the Web are informative. These sites have been singled out because of the manner in which they present or interpret that information. Some, like Yahoo! Finance, focus on organization of information and ease of use, while others, such as and Motley Fool, focus on commentary and presenting information in an entertaining fashion.

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Yahoo! Finance
This is one of the most popular financial sites on the web due in large part to the site's easy to use format for researching stocks and tracking portfolios. Most financial sites now model many of the features on their sites to the features developed by Yahoo! If you want easy access to financial information, you can't beat this site.
Anyone who has seen James Cramer on CNBC knows or has heard about this site. Bottom line -- the site lives up to the hype! This Web-Zine provides excellent news and commentary about investing and trading (and the differences between the two!). Cramer's articles chronicling his life as a trader and his views on markets and trading are consistently entertaining, blunt and instructive. Herb Greenberg and the many other columnists on this site present a wide variety of excellent commentaries and analysis. This site also has many of the features that web users would expect from a finance site - such as quotes (including real time quotes) and portfolio tracking. Unfortunately, most of their content is no longer free. You now have to subscribe to to get access to Cramer and most of the commentary.

USA Today - Money
Great resource for news in the personal finance area.

Financial Times
This respected financial newspaper has an incredible web site loaded with information. It offers a useful resource for daily news and for in depth analysis. It also offers excellent coverage of international business news.
Free online tools to manage your money.

Checkbook News
This is a personal finance blog. Learn about issues ranging from retirement to mutual funds and taxes.

Payday Loans
Unfortunately in these troubled times, the need for cash advances is even greater. Look for the best option out there for payday loans, and check out PayDayOne for ways to get a little extra cash.

Google Finance
Simple is sometimes better.

American Business Blog - Finance
This business blog covers finance along with other business issues.

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