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Everyone hates preparing their tax returns. Thankfully, the Web has numerous sites that can make the process easier and can help in the tax planning process so that you can pay less!

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You can always check out the ultimate authority on the matter.
This is probably the best overall tax site on the Web, loaded with useful news and advice about filing your taxes in a well-organized manner. You can also file your taxes over the Web for a fee instead of purchasing the software separately. In addition, this site will direct you to other links that address most tax problems or questions you may have.

H&R Block
You might have heard about these guys. Word is they help people fill out their tax returns.

MSN MoneyCentral
This site from Microsoft is loaded with tax tips, news and preparation advice.
This site provides great tips and explanations of tax issues that are presented in an easy to understand manner. If you want to understand a topic such as the marriage penalty (another reason to think hard about this decision) or deductions for investing expenses, the answer center in this site will provide a clear and useful summary. The title of this site says it all - be smart with your money!

The Digital Daily by the IRS
Believe it or not, this is a useful site that is published by the IRS!! For those off you who cannot put any trust in the IRS (or other governmental institutions), use one of the other sites listed above. For the rest of you, this site has lots of useful information and links, both for personal and business taxpayers, particularly access to forms online.

Checkbook News - Taxes
This personal finance blog covers income taxes and other taxes.

Yahoo! Finance - Taxes
Yahoo has tons of great articles, resources and tips to help you through this painful process. - Taxes
This financial news site also has excellent news and resources to help you get your taxes done. Don't wait!

J.K. Lasser
This site bills itself as your "365-day-a-year tax resource." You can also sign up for their daily newsletter so you don't procrastinate.

American Business Blog - Income Taxes
The debate is one - should we raise taxes to lower the U.S. deficit?


Fear of Filing
This excellent article from Business Week explains the anxieties many people face around tax time. Don't let these fears stop you from taking care of business!

Turbotax vs H&R Block At Home
This New York Times article compares the two popular programs. Either one should will be a huge help.

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