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There is no shortage of pundits these days who love to pontificate about their views on markets, stocks and financial planning. Finding writers who are both informative and entertaining, however, can be difficult. The following are the best resources on the web for access to good financial columnists.

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The commentary on this site is probably the most informative and entertaining on the web. The topics focus on strategies used in trading and investing in stocks. James Cramer's daily musings on the markets and stocks (he sometimes writes up to 5 stories in one day) make this site worth the subscription price. Herb Greenberg, Gary Smith and the other regular columnists on this site provide points of view on many different aspects of investing.
This Web site from Worth magazine provides archives of columns from Peter Lynch, Jim Rogers and Robert Cringely. Lynch should need no introduction (though not everyone id a fan). Jim Rogers used to appear frequently as a guest analyst on CNBC's Squawk Box and he traveled the world to provide a record of activity on the planet at the end of the millennium. His articles detailing economic activity in the places he is visiting are worth reading. Robert Cringely is best known for his PBS documentary entitled The Triumph of the Nerds which chronicled the rise of the PC industry. His columns focus on the tech industry.

Motley Fool
This site consistently provides commentary and analysis regarding the markets and individual stocks in an entertaining manner.
Thom Calandra is one of the 15 writers that regularly write columns for this site.

Official web site for the TV show featuring Jim Cramer.

Business Insider
Commentary from excellent business writers.

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