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The world of business media has changed dramatically along with other media as well. While traditional business media publications still dominate the business world, business blogs are having a significant impact just like political blogs are having in the world of politics.

You now have experts in a particular field blogging about business developments, and in many instances they are breaking stories and challenging the conventional wisdom in the traditional media. This crowdsourcing of information can be very useful, as factual errors are quickly corrected and different points of view can emerge.

Of course, it also means there are too many sources of information, and not all of them are reliable. In the end, however, the best business blogs add significant value, and it’s important to use them as a resource.

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Business Insider
This is an excellent site with a collection of different blogs hitting various aspects of the business world. Probably its most famous blog is Silicon Alley Insider, written by Henry Blodget, the dude who rode the tech bubble in the 1990s all the way down to the crash.

Harvard Business Review – Blogs
This is an obvious resource for excellent business news and commentary. The amount of information is impressive, as is the layout and organization.

Seth’s Blog
This incredible blog from Seth Godin has an emphasis on marketing, but you get his insights on a wide variety of topics.

I Blog Business
This site collects posts from all sorts of business blogs. It’s all business and it’s unfiltered. In the end you have to pick out what’s useful, but it’s a helpful resource as a stream of information.

Small Business Trends
This is a great blog for small business owners. It’s pretty much a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs as it offers all sorts of tips and strategies to help you survive in the modern economy.

It’s been described as a “tech gossip rag” but you’ll be able to keep up on all the doings in Silicon Valley and enjoy a good read at the same time. It used to be a stand-alone blog in the Gawker family but now it’s part of

Paid Content
This is one of the top blogs in the new media space. It has excellent reporting but it’s organized as a blog so all the content is very timely. The analysis is also top notch. Get great information on startups and the venture capital world here.

Linked and Loaded
This blog covers business and technology in the new media space. The Web 2.0 world is affecting all sorts of businesses, particularly on the marketing side, so keeping abreast of developments in the new media world is critical for everyone in the business world.

The focus here is on social media, and as we pointed out above such tools are critical in the modern business world. This is the recognized leader in the area.

The Bing Blog
This hilarious and informative blog comes from Stanley Bing of Fortune Magazine.

The Conglomerate
This blog focuses on business law and also offers great insight on economics and other issues facing society.

The Consumerist
The word “the” seems very popular! Well, this is another great business blog using that word, and it’s a great resource for information on the consumer economy along with other business news and trends.

American Business Blog
Follow business news and trends on this comprehensive blog.

Mark Cuban
Whether you love or hate him, Mark Cuban has strong opinions about business and media, and he’s never shy about speaking his mind.

Checkbook News
This blog covers personal finance issues.

As pointed out by The New York Times, this once-obscure economics blogger has become a sensation as he predicted many of the problems in the Euro Zone.

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