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Stock-picking isn't for everyone. Most of us are much better off letting the professionals handle things. Just make sure you get good advice from a professional on how to balance your funds, unless of course you want to research it yourself. In that case, the web provides useful interactive tools in finding, screening and evaluating mutual funds.

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This site is loaded with information, tools and analysis in a well-organized manner.

Morningstar has historically been a leader in providing information on mutual funds, and its Web site lives up to its reputation.
This excellent site provides fund profiles from Morningstar and Valueline along with a useful "Fundfinder" feature.

Brill's Mutual Fund Interactive
News and tools.

CNNMONEY - Mutual Funds
Great resource for news and rankings when you are researching funds.
Good resource for learning the basics about mutual funds.

SEC - Invest Wisely
This site from our friendly government provides some helpful tips on how to invest wisely in mutual funds. - Mutual Funds
This excellent magazine is updated regularly with useful articles about various funds. You won't find a ton of information, but the articles are excellent.

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