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If you're just getting started, the Editors recommend learning as much as you can about investing and financial planning before you jump in, regardless of whether you're interested in investing directly into stocks. For those of you who have been investing on your own, learning more can help your financial performance. The web, along with books and magazines, can be a very helpful guide in learning about investing and planning. The Editors also recommend using more than one resource to supplement your learning so that you get exposed to as many points of view as possible. Each site listed below is an excellent resource for information and advice about investing and financial planning.

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Motley Fool
This site is listed as one of the best overall financial sites primarily because it provides so much useful advice and information for beginners, particularly the guide to "foolish" investing. Also, the humorous style of the writing makes the entire process more enjoyable. You may find as you gain more experience that you like other sites better, but it is hard to go wrong starting here.

Investor's Primer from
The front page of this primer lists over 70 topics relating to investing and financial planning that are covered with a concise explanation by simply clicking onto that topic.

SmartMoney University
This site offers a comprehensive guide to investing and financial planning that the Editors highly recommend for beginners. This guide is particularly useful since it focuses on more than just stock investing.
The "Learning" section in this site provides excellent advice for beginners and novices. The site is also loaded with useful Web links, though you can't do much better than Bullz-eye's own guide!! - Understanding Investing
This site offers free online tools to manage your finances. It's a great place to start, and they have a nice primer to help you understand financial issues.

Mutual Fund Investor's Center
This site provides a comprehensive overview of mutual fund investing.

Checkbook News
One way to get started is to read finance blogs like this one.

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