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The web has revolutionized the way we look for jobs and the way companies look for employees. The power of the web has made things much easier, and the online resources are so powerful that they are threatening the classified ads that newspapers have relied upon for years. The purpose of the guide is to outline some of the best resources available on the web and organize them in a way that will be easy to find. It's also a resource for idea and tips regarding fun careers and tools to help you succeed regardless of the path you choose.

You can also get excellent career advice from the updates on Professional Journey, a blog covering careers and the job market. Also, you can follow us on Twitter @bullzeyedotcom and @career_tips and on the Bullz-Eye.com fan page on Facebook.

Movers and Shakers

We've had the opportunity to interview a number of people who have been very successful and pursued careers that many men would envy. It's always interesting to see how others have achieved success, so these interviews and features are both entertaining and educational.

Carroll ShelbyThe Life and Legacy of Carroll Shelby
May 16, 2012

Joe Gustafson looks back at the legacy left by Carroll Shelby with a list of his greatest hits, including the 1967 Shelby Cobra.

Hugh HefnerHugh Hefner
Founder of Playboy Magazine

What I really hate, beyond the recession, is the extent to which the country has been split asunder. I think we need to get our priorities back and start thinking about one another and, you know, paying attention to what really matters.

Richard RoeperRichard Roeper
Author of "Bet the House" and Movie Critic

On distracting other players in Poker: I’ve certainly seen attractive women really work it. All they have to do is kind of, you know, bat their eyes and laugh at the jokes and you see guys just bending over backwards not to knock them out.

Peter NygardPeter Nygard
Founder & Chairman of NYGÅRD International

On his hands-on approach to business: I’ve done every part of it, whether it is carrying fertilizer on my back to sweeping the floors. No one can tell me about any part of the job that I really don’t know about or haven’t done myself.

Finbar McFallFinbar McFall
Vice President of Marketing for Land Rover North America

With a vehicle line Range Rover, it’s hard to imagine it ever being out of place. It looks as good clean as it does dirty, you can take it to the top functions, as well tow the car, as well as throw all of you stuff in the back. It’s a pretty rare beast.

Bullz-Eye Features

Who's the ManWho's the Man: Our favorite good, bad and strange bosses
April 27, 2011

Entertainment bosses aren't always entertaining. With Michael Scott leaving Dunder Mifflin, we look at favorite head honchos like Montgomery Burns, Bill Lumburgh and Tony Soprano.

Web Guide

We'll be building out a comprehensive web guide in our Career Channel to cover all sorts of topics from interviewing to job boards. Here are some cool sites to get started on.

Browse the brief capsules on every notable firm in just about any industry you can think of. According to their website, "WetFeet continues to provide insightful profiles of companies, careers, and industries to guide job seekers toward finding the right career, the right industry, the right company, and the right job for them."

Holy crap this is a lot of interview advice. Not only does this site have tips for the standard interview, but it also offers advice for what to do during the second interview, a phone interview or even a group interview. There are also guides and tips for specific careers, such as law enforcement and sales.  Their tips sections are huge and include pages upon pages what "to-do's" and "to-don'ts."

Monster.com is one of the largest and most recognized online career websites.  In addition to resume and job postings, Monster.com offers a variety of career-related advice. While they chose a hideous yellow-nosed booger-looking beast as their mascot remains a mystery, this site remains a top pick for job hopefuls due to their immensely huge job board and an amazing amount that you can customize it to fit your own personal needs.


Spot an Interview Lie   
Lying is an essential part of the interview process, both for the interviewer and interviewee – so you want to know how to spot a lie in an interview, if for no other reason than that you don't want to get caught! This article talks about the dangers of lying in an interview, and how to tell if someone is lying to you about what a great company they have.

Buzzwords From Hell
You may know what to say and what to do during an interview so you don't come out looking like a complete ass – but don't assume the person interviewing you does. This fascinating article tells the common pitfall attacking many qualified IT professionals nowadays – the dreaded "buzzwords." If you get an interviewer as dumb as the one mentioned in this article you probably don't want the job, but in case you still do at least you'll know how to give that person the answers they want.

Extreme Hiring
It's getting tough out there. Employers are realizing that the old ways of screening out job candidates, particularly candidates for executive positions, are insufficient in today's competitive world. Employers are employing much more thorough tactics, such as psychological scrutiny and rigorous simulations. Some are calling it "extreme hiring."

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