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We've been running the Bullz-Eye Power Rankings for since the middle of 2005, and it seems like we've seen it all. We've watched the rise and fall of "24," lived through the hayday of reality television, and found unexpected pleasure in later seasons of "The Office" and AMC underdogs like "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad." Take a look back over the years at all the good, bad and ugly within.

2015 TV Power Rankings2015 Edition
December 31, 2015
Though "House of Cards" has fallen out of favor, Netflix dominated this year's TV Power Rankings, while "The Walking Dead" retained the top spot.
2014 TV Power Rankings2014 Edition
December 31, 2014
With "Breaking Bad" out of contention, a fellow AMC series tops this year's TV Power Rankings, which is dominated once again by cable dramas.
2013 TV Power Rankings2013 Edition
AMC, HBO and the rise of Netflix
Our latest edition of the TV Power Rankings welcomes back some old favorites, as well as a few rookies to our Top 10.
2012 TV Power Rankings2012 Edition
AMC and HBO can't be beat

With the return of "Mad Men" on the horizon and a host of other shows thriving, we rank our top 25 series.

2011 Spring TV Power RankingsSpring 2011
AMC rookies dominate

"Game of Thrones" debuts strong and "Modern Family" retains its place in the top three, but nothing stood in the way of AMC's freshman dramas, "The Killing" and "The Walking Dead," from sharing the spoils of the #1 spot.

2010 Fall TV Power RankingsFall 2010
Still mad about "Mad Men"

"Lost" comes to a close, "Boardwalk Empire" makes its debut, and a pack of zombies invades the rankings. But none of them can take the top spot from an old AMC favorite.

LostSpring 2010
The last season of "Lost"

This is the year you get all the answers to those burning questions about Oceanic 815. As "Lost" comes to a conclusion, "The Office" holds strong at number two, followed by the likes of "Breaking Bad," "30 Rock" and "Modern Family."

Seinfeld reunion on Curb Your EnthusiasmNovember 2009
Larry David's still got it

It may have been two years since "Curb" last aired, but that didn't keep Larry David from blowing the lid off, despite high expectations for a Seinfeld reunion. "True Blood" and "Mad Men" rose while "30 Rock" and "The Office" dropped.

LostApril 2009
"Lost" comes into its own

"Lost" had seemingly become sacred. You couldn't say a bad word about it unless you wanted to play victim in a good old-fashioned stoning. As such, the ABC drama hit the top spot, despite the network's decision to axe many other quality shows.

A Mad Men picnicNovember 2008
Comedy rules

After the writer's strike, we were ready for some laughs. That may explain why two of our top three spots went to "The Office" and "30 Rock." Nah. The real reason they're up top is because they're damn funny.

HeroesNovember 2007
Say hello to Darkly Dreaming Dexter

By the Fall of 2007, "Heroes" had earned our top spot with a fresh mix of suspense and action while faves like "The Office," "Entourage" and "South Park" held steady and a host of great new shows joined the rankings.

The WireFebruary 2007
Who needs a hero?

The start of 2007 saw a massive shakeup in the industry powerhouses, with Fox's "24" finally taking a tumble. In its place, we finally gave love to "The Wire," the HBO crime drama that flew under the world's (and our) radar for far too long.

Jack BauerJuly 2006
Powered by HBO

Premium programming had really blown up around the middle of the decade. More than ever before, our Power Rankings were heavily populated by HBO programming, with "Entourage," "Deadwood" and "The Sopranos" landing in the Top 10.

Jack BauerFebruary 2006
The rise of comedy

In the winter of 2006, Kiefer Sutherland was still on top. His show hadn't yet tipped into over-the-top absurdism and it had the viewership to warrant a top spot, while a remake of an iconic BBC sitcom stormed onto the scene with NBC's "The Office."

Jack BauerJuly 2005
The year of "24"

It was a great year for Kiefer Sutherland, who managed to snag our top spot despite contending with heavy-hitters like "The Sopranos," "Arrested Development," "Deadwood" and "Lost." "Scrubs," meanwhile, enjoyed a revival.

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