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Since we launched Bullz-Eye.com in 2000, we have brought you original photography of some of the most beautiful women on the Internet wearing sexy bikinis and lingerie. Below you'll find the archive of all our Featured Models with links to each year, and you can find more beautiful photos in our Girl Next Door and Guest Model sections. You can also check out some our favorites from over the years.

We don't do as many photo shoots these days, but we'll still bring you great content featuring beautiful women from all types of backgrounds. Our latest model content can be found in the Models category in our new magazine format.

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You can follow the navigation links above to browse our Featured Model archives by year. You can also browse by checking out some our favorites from over the years. Below we have links to some of those favorite shoots:

Angie QuesadaAngie Quesada

Angie is one of those models you never forget. With her Costa Rican roots along with her Chinese grandfather, Angie has a stunning and unique look. Her beauty is matched only by her fun- loving personality. We first met her on our Costa Rica World Tour, and then we were able to photograph her again later. 

Rali IvanovaRali Ivanova

Rali Ivanova is a voluptuous blonde originally from Bulgaria. She now lives in Florida and we photographed her at a beautiful home in the Fort Lauderdale area. After seeing her amazing photos and her killer smile, we may have discovered the next stop we need to make on our World Tour!

Jillian BeyorJillian Beyor

This stunning model from Miami sure can fill out a swimsuit! Justin Price had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful brunette and the results were spectacular. Jillian sports some sexy bikinis as she rolls around the sand on a Florida beach and lays back on railroad tracks.

Elaine AldenElaine Alden

Elaine is a classic blonde bombshell, with a striking face and a killer body. You'll love her photos in shades as she poses next to a hot car, along with some incredible photos next to a lit up water fountain.

Andreina SamudioAndreina Samudio

We visited Costa Rica to check out the search for The Most Beautiful Latina in Costa Rica, and we discovered this beautiful surfer girl with an incredible body. Check out the stunning photos overlooking the Pacific coastline in Costa Rica from the amazing Los Suenos resort.

Ali Sonoma

This stunning model has a body to die for and an amazing face as well. You might be familiar with her work as an MMA ring girl.

Jessica Hall

This all-American girl was tons of fun during the shoot, and she showed off her killer smile that matched her vibrant personality. The shots by the billiard table are just amazing! We also got to photograph her again for a Blast from the Past shoot. Check it out along with her holiday gallery here!


Amanda Carrier

This beautiful brunette is a fitness model as well, and she looked incredible as we suited her up in boxing gloves and had her next to the heavy bag. Check out her incredible eyes as well.


You have to check out this gallery, as Melissa just jumps off the screen with her incredible figure. She can sure fill out a bikini, and she has an exotic look that will blow your mind.


We discovered this Colombian beauty at a pageant in The Bahamas and we photographed her at one of the most beautiful resorts in the world. Vivianna is one of the prettiest models we have ever photographed.

Brittany MyersBrittany Myers

We've photographed the beautiful Brittany more than any other model, and now she's back with a stunning shoot at the incredible 5 Star Island in Miami Beach. We first photographed Brittany for our Glamour Girls channel when she was 18, and then we followed up with an amazing Blast from the Past shoot. She's also been on location with us at Spring Break and on 5 Star Island with the Bullz-Eye Bikini Team.

Jessica Canizales

This Brazilian bombshell will blow you away with her photos, as she shows off that incredible body that won her tons of bikini contests in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area over the years. Check out the hot rod as well, though the photos in the mansion will leave you speechless.

Michelle Baena

This stunning blonde will make you melt with her big, beautiful eyes, and you'll be blown away by her incredible body. Check out the cut abs on this beauty!

Michelle Moya

This beautiful brunette is simply stunning, and the photos of her by the beach as the sun is setting will always be some of our favorites. You'll also love the tiny, red bikini!

Holly Kishere

This beautiful Brit gave us one of the more interesting photo shoots of the year with the photos near the airplanes in an airplane hangar in England. We found that lingerie and planes go well together, particularly if you have a beautiful blonde in the mix. We also had the pleasure of shooting Holly again in Hollywood.


Talk about a killer body! You have to see her to believe it. Evelyn has a piercing, exotic look and one of the best bodies for the thong bikini you'll ever see.

Tiffany Toth

This tall and elegant model traces her roots back to Hungary, and she certainly lives up to their reputation for producing beautiful models. Tiffany was right at home, however, in the bright California sunshine.

Holly Weber

We were thrilled to have the chance to shoot this very popular model, and we got some killer stuff. The sexy nurse outfit might be our favorite, along with the sexy open shirt photos.

Brit BlissBrit Bliss

Brit Bliss looks amazing in this artistic shoot as she sports some incredible lingerie. Brit takes off her jeans and sweaters and the result is a very sensual set of photos. Brit has incredible eyes and a tight body and she’s a natural in front of the camera.

Anita Dark

This famous model lives up to her reputation, and she has a stunning all-natural body that will blow you away. Anita is from Hungary and she’s a classic beauty. The open-short photos will blow you away.

Rachel Sterling

This sexy model has killer eyes and a perfect body as well. She’s appeared in several films and we photographed her in some amazing lingerie.

Camille Anderson

This blonde is absolutely beautiful and we weren’t surprised to see her as one of the hotties in “The Wedding Crashers.”


We shot this petite beauty around Hermosa Beach in LA and she fits right in with the SoCal lifestyle. Stacy looks stunning in a bikini!


This stunning brunette has a beautiful face to go along with one of the best bodies we've seen. Check out the sunset photos on the beaches of LA.

Lisa Ray

This stunning fitness model still gets raves for this amazing shoot. The sunset photos on the beach are amazing, and the photos in the camo outfit will just blow your mind.


You'll be blown away by her beautiful face and amazing body. The photos here are incredible, from the sexy hats, to the cute bikinis and the elegant studio shots.


This beautiful blonde has one of the tightest bodies you'll find, and this shoot has some of the prettiest photography we've had on the site. She looks amazing with the sun shining on her.

Nikki CarrollNikki Rae

Nikki shows off her incredible figure in a range of sexy bikinis on a sunny day in South Florida.

Inessa ChimatoInessa Chimato

This stunning redhead has an elegant look and incredible figure that she shows off in all sorts of outfits for her Bullz-Eye shoot.

Katelin DaneKatelin Dane

This petite beauty shows off her figure in sexy bikinis and an amazing Daisy Duke outfit.

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