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If you work in a tiny cubicle eight hours a day, five days a week then you probably spend a good portion of your day staring at a computer monitor. That’s enough to make anyone depressed. Luckily there are thousands of sites dedicated to wasting your time at work with countless funny videos. Whether they are bloopers, funny commercials or some random idiot doing something stupid, you can find it at one of these sites.

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Scream and laugh
This elevator ghost prank video from Barzil is hilarious! It goe on and on and you can't stop watching.

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer
This spoof from Jimmy Fallon with Pee Wee Herman voices is just awesome.

LeBron James Spoof
This spoof of "The Decision" is hilarious! LeBron haters will love it. Who knew he was gay . . .

Ron Burgendy ESPN Audition
This is one of the great all-time promo videos for a movie. This is Will Ferrell at his best.

And don't miss the hilarious video, Running Superfans: Ultramarathon.

More Funny Videos

Awkward Rap
A hip-hop tribute to life's most uncomfortable moments
I'm bo yo!
Very strange, and totally hilarious.

Funny Video Web Sites

Toksick - Funny Videos
This site focuses on stupid humor and stupid people. They find great viral videos from all over the web.
Great stuff, with plenty of wild and crazy video clips.
Just like the site’s name suggest, you’ll find nothing but funny stuff here. The video clips at this site are a little on the tame side, so if you want to avoid gross out or extremely painful videos then this might be the site for you.
A humor site geared towards geeks. What does this mean exactly? Mostly a slightly higher percentage of clips about video games and computers spliced between your regular everyday funny video clips.
You’ll find a little bit of everything here, and as the site’s name suggest, some if it might just shock you. The clips here can be a little more on the “extreme” side, with clips of idiots severely hurting themselves regularly making the front page. 

Joke Banana
Unlike nearly every other funny video site on the internet, this one is not only safe for work but safe for family viewing as well. No random stripper videos here, just good funny clips of housecats acting silly, newsmen screwing up and random people getting hurt in humorous ways. 

God of Humor
And on the 8th day, God created a video of a skateboarder busting his nuts open…and it was good. Okay, maybe not, but “God Of Humor” is a nice humor site with a good collection of funny web clips, which vary from homemade “jackass” style clips to funny commercials and news bloopers.
If it’s a funny video then you’ll probably find it on this site. From random TV clips to pranks that go horribly, horribly right, it’s at Daily Ha Ha.

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