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Men love strip clubs for very simple reasons – they combine two of our favorite things – naked women and (usually) alcohol. Strip clubs used to be seedy establishments in the rough part of town, but they’ve now gone mainstream and you can find them practically everywhere. Of course, there are plenty of prudes out there trying to take away all of our fun, including religious fanatics, uptight wives and radical feminists. Yet despite their efforts, more and more people (women included) are enjoying this simple guilty pleasure. Some strip clubs, like Scarlett’s in South Florida, have become very “couples-friendly” as well.

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Bullz-Eye Features

Rick's CabaretReview of Rick's Cabaret in New York City

We checked out the hottest gentlmen’s club in New York and loved the talent and the atmosphere.

Sexy Stripper Videos and Galleries

Here are some models known for stripping on their cams!

MoniqueCam Girl Monique

This stunning brunette is featured on Check out the photos and a sexy video as well.


This curvy bombshell has become an Internet sensation with her hot cam videos. Check out these sexy photos along with an incredible video clip.

Cool Sites

Exotic Dancer
Yes, there is a magazine devoted to this huge industry. They publish an annual guide to strip clubs around the country and they host an annual convention.
Want your girlfriend to dress like a stripper? Check this store out for some cool outfits that will spice up your love life.

Strip Clubs 4 Sale
Are you bored with your career? Maybe you need to browse this site a little and explore the exciting and lucrative world of owning your own strip club. Or maybe you just need to take a good vacation.
Strip club reviews for customers and strippers.

Strippers on Your Desktop

Get beautiful strippers right on your desktop in HD! There's nothing like Virtual Girl.

Cool Strip Club Articles

$241,000 Strip Club Tab Settled
Is it really possible to spend THAT much money at a strip club? Hell, a team of hookers wouldn’t cost that much. Anyways, Scores in New York alleged that an executive did just that but he disputed the amount on his American Express bill. The case went to court but was ultimately settled. The executive resigned from his position.

Celebs lover strippers too
Sting and David Bowie are going to open up a strip club in New York City. I just hope this doesn’t mean there will be a bunch of androgynous coked-up strippers dancing to easy-listening world music.

Strip clubs are not family establishments
This man is an idiot. He could’ve dropped the kid off at a friend’s house or something…it’s not like strip bars have strict hours or anything.

Bullz-Eye City Guides

We’re in the process of expanding our City Guides [link], and we will include a detailed guide of each city’s strip clubs. Here are some highlights:

Las Vegas Strip Clubs
The City of Sin naturally has some great strip clubs. The number of clubs has been expanding as fast as the city’s population, and strippers from all over the country regularly fly to Vegas to work there on weekends or several weeks a month. As a result, the talent level is top notch, and you’ll find every kind of gentlemen’s club you can imagine. Check out the guide for our recommendations

Cleveland Strip Clubs
You might be surprised, but Cleveland has some very good strip clubs. You’ll find high end clubs with great talent along with the low end places where anything goes.

Jacksonville Strip Clubs
The big cities in Florida have a reputation for great strip clubs, and Jacksonville is no exception. That said, not every club lives up to that standard. Here’s a highlight from the guide:

Stud’s Pub (9039 Atlantic Boulevard)
If Bikini Beach is too upscale for you, give Stud’s Pub a try. This is where strippers go to die. Consider yourself warned.

We’re working on city guides for New York (great clubs but very expensive), Las Angeles (terrible strip clubs because of politically correct politicians) and Miami (the clubs promote “friction dances” so you know they have to be good).

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