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So, after years of getting yourself drunk you want to go pro and get other people wasted for a change? Then a career in professional bartending may be for you. Hi, I’m Sally Struthers, and for as little as….oops sorry about that. Bartending is a great career for people that want to make good money, meet interesting people, and pick up intoxicated women.

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Five classic drinks every guy should know how to makeFive classic drinks every guy should know how to make

Want to keep the party going all night? Anyone can throw together a Jack and Coke, but what about a martini or an old fashioned? Learn how to make a cocktail Don Draper would be proud of.

Hey BartenderA chat with Steve Schneider of "Hey Bartender"

We sat down with Steve Schneider, one of the subjects of the new documentary, "Hey Bartender," to talk about mixing drinks and more.

How to stock your barHow to stock your bar

It takes more than a couple bottles of booze to properly stock your bar for that next big party. Do you have a cocktail shaker? Some swizzle sticks? A muddler? Wait...a muddler?

Becoming a Bartender

We Asked Four Bartenders: Are Bartending Schools Worth It?
Can bartending school really lead you to a successful, long-term career in the field? The best way to find out is to speak with established industry professionals to learn more about their own experiences. Was it worth the time and money they invested? Did it deliver on its promises, whether for hands-on bar skills training or job placement?

This all-encompassing yest ancient bartending site featuring a little bit of everything, including drink mixes, supply and book suggestions and even more links to sites where you can get certified.

Honing Your Skills

Best Online Bartending Schools
>Learn some mixing skills in your kitchen.

Extreme Bartending
You can also learn how to tend bar with flair! And by flair I don’t mean those stupid little buttons that waitresses have at Applebee’s. I mean, learn how to spin the bottle in the air, slide glasses across the bar and other cool stuff…basically learn how to be Tom Cruise in Cocktail – expect much cooler, taller and less crazy.

Flair Bartenders Association
After you successfully learn how to balance a bottle of Smirnoff on your toe without spilling a drop, join the FBA and compete against other flair bartenders for cash prizes that might just cover the costs of all the bottles you’ve shattered on your floor.

Drink Mixes - Cocktail Recipes
More than just a list of drink cocktails, this site is great for finding the name to a drink that you or your customer got so hammered off of all that can be remembered about it is that it had rum in it.

Another great drink mix site, idrink also features great articles about themed drinks (the Star Wars article is a blast) and drinking games. They also have a very good rating system that lists the top and bottom 10 drinks at the site.

Silly Stuff

Modern Drunkard Magazine
The official webpage of Modern Drunkard, the publication that believes too much is never enough. Published by self-proclaimed ‘functional alcoholics’ both their site and magazine have great articles on drinks, drinking culture and combating the anti-drinking culture (they currently list MADD as Public Enemy #1.) They may be a little out there, but this is definitely a magazine you should have at your bar if you keep losing your best customers to AA.