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Wine has been a part of the human experience for thousands of years. Wine can be delicious and also an important part of an amazing meal. So many situations are made better with a glass (or bottle) of wine.

The Italians say that "a meal without wine is like a day without sunshine."

Our latest wine reviews content can be found in the wine reviews tag in our new magazine format. Also, check out our wine reviews archive page for more ideas. We also cover buying wine along with wine tasting tours.

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Wine Enthusiast
Excellent Online magazine dedicated to wine. Includes articles from current issue of print magazine as well as a buying guide and best buy features. Also includes a wine calendar listing upcoming events. 

Food & Wine
Another online magazine. As the name suggests, this site is dedicated to both food and wine. Its wine list section has a wine tasting and making glossary, tips on starting a cellar or surviving a restaurant wine list, and how to host a wine tasting. It also provides insight on buying wines, including recommended value bottles and party wines.

Wine Spectator
Bills itself as the most comprehensive wine site in the world and it may well be. It's worth a trip.
Top-rated cyberspace guide to wines and wineries.
Weekly wine reviews and tips written for beginners and non-snobs by Bullz-Eye's own "Vino" Joe Janish. You can get the latest reviews delivered to your PDA -- helpful when you're lost in the wine shop -- or through a free newsletter.

Reverse Wine Snob
This site is devoted to finding amazing wines at $20 per bottle or less.
Great online store with a wide selection.

Robin Carr's Wine Lover's Page
Good, comprehensive site dedicated solely to wine. Includes a section for beginners looking to learn about wine, a section where you can ask questions about wine, a wine tasting dictionary and tips on matching food with wine.


How to choose a good bottle of wine
It's a familiar dilemma. You're in the store staring at a wall full of wine bottles that you know nothing about.

25 Bottles of Wine to Drink to Become a Wine Expert
Ask any wine expert what’s the best way to learn about wine, and they’ll tell you to taste as much as you can. But where to start?

Beginner's Guide to Wine
Whether you're just getting started with wine or work in the industry, this site contains many useful resources that will round out your wine knowledge.