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Jacksonville Strip Clubs

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Despite its hard-earned reputation as a hotbed of holier-than-thou fundamentalism, Jacksonville has a number of show clubs for the adventurous gentleman. Unfortunately, local ordinances mandate at least some clothing where alcohol is served, but there are still good times to be had. Jacksonville's girlie bars range from upscale clubs to seedy dives, so high-rollers as well as slummers can find their niche.

The Gold Club (321 General Doolittle Drive)
The Gold Club is Jacksonville's flagship titty bar, and boy, do they know it. The price structure was recently bumped up across the board in honor of the Super Bowl, but it's still much cheaper than clubs in major Northeastern cities, so fear not. Expect two girls on the main stage and one on a side pole; no waiting! The Gold Club is tucked away on state-owned land beyond the reach of local blue laws, so it might be a little more difficult to findbut it's well worth the effort.

Caesar's (4923 University Boulevard West)
Caesar's is owned by the same outlaw motorcycle outfit that runs the Gold Club. It's obviously a converted corporate steak house, but the talent is decent and the prices are about as reasonable as you could expect. Caesar's also keeps multiple girls on stage. Package liquors are available.

Centerfold Lounge (4351 Phillips Highway)
The Centerfold Lounge is located in a prime spot along Phillips Highway, Jacksonville's main strip for street dealers, hustlers and hourly-rate motels. Imagine a comfortable local bar that happens to have chicks dancing over on the side. The newly renovated bathroom is probably the nicest I've ever seen in a strip joint (Clean! Well-lit!), and unlike Caesar's and the Gold Club, there is no annoying restroom attendant to suck up tips better spent on the talent.

JR's (2560 Emerson Road)
JR's offers full nudity, but no alcohol. Sort of ho-hum for a nudie bar, but the bartender has a nice rack and she goes topless, too. Good coffee, if you're a Total Abstainer, or just want to perk up a little and scope some trim while out bar hopping.

Bikini Beach (657 Wonderwood Drive, Mayport)
This little gem is located right outside the main gate of a Navy base, which ought to tell you everything you need to know. If you're in the mood to do a little hoggin' (if you are unfamiliar with this term, ask an Army Ranger), or if the misfortunes of others amuse you, or if you have a fetish for stretch marks, this is your place! At least they serve alcohol.

Stud's Pub (9039 Atlantic Boulevard)
If Bikini Beach is too upscale for you, give Stud's Pub a try. This is where strippers go to die. Consider yourself warned.

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