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So, after years of getting yourself drunk you want to go pro and get other people wasted for a change? Then a career in professional bartending may be for you. Hi, I’m Sally Struthers, and for as little as….oops sorry about that. Bartending is a great career for people that want to make good money, meet interesting people, and pick up intoxicated women.

Got a basement or spare room that’s just gathering dust? You could make it a workout room, but then you’ll most likely just have a spare room with workout equipment that’s gathering dust. You could turn it into a den, but who the hell has a den nowadays? When I was a kid the only thing my dad did in his den was secretly drink and call his mistress. And if you’re going to devote an entire room to drinking and other illicit behaviors, then you might as well just make it a bar. While you're at it, start reading our Drink of the Week feature so you'll actually know what you're doing.

Essential Supplies

How to stock your barHow to stock your bar

It takes more than a couple bottles of booze to properly stock your bar for that next big party. Do you have a cocktail shaker? Some swizzle sticks? A muddler? Wait...a muddler?

Reasons to build you own bar

Home Bars are coming back!
It’s an idea that’s gaining momentum too, well, in the U.K. anyways. Since we seem to fall in love with everything the British fall in love with (The Strokes, Artic Monkeys, violent international colonialism…) build yours now and you can be totally ‘European’ and stuff. Chicks dig that.

Being Drunk is a crime!
If that doesn’t convince you, did you know that cops are nailing people for being drunk in bars? Seriously, it’s time go get hammered at home.

Stocking the Bar

Once you got the basics down, it’s time to get to work and add the stuff that actually makes it a bar and not just a place to sit and get drunk. While this site is tailored for the professional bar owner, there’s some great stuff here that would look perfect in a home bar, including drinking spouts, flair bottles and cool neon signs.

Check this out for tons of cool bar products. The site seems like it was designed 15 years ago, but it has tons of great stuff.

Build Your Own Keg
The most important aspect of a home bar, however, is the booze. You need cold brew on tap – keeping bottles in a fridge under the shelf just isn’t going to cut it. What you need is a ‘Kegerator.’ This holiest of home appliances is nothing more than a modified refrigerator, and Kegbooty.com sells the kits and instructions you’ll need to get it done.

Pre-made Kegerators
If you’re too inept or drunk (oh both) to assemble your own, just take the easy way out and buy a pre-made Kegerator like the ones featured here, just tell everyone that you built it yourself.

10 Bar Essentials You Didn't KNow You Needed
Here's a great list from The Bachelor Guy with some cool suggestions you may not have considered when you were putting together your bar.

The Finishing Touches

You got your booze, your tacky neon signs and your kegerator up and ready to go, but bars aren’t just for drinking. Recreate the complete bar experience with games, like this barroom staple; darts. It’s a well-known fact that nothing says ‘good times’ like a bunch of completely sloshed guys throwing pointy objects in a confined space. Dartbords.com features a variety of dart boards, from fancy electronic ones to old-fashioned models.

Brunswick Billiards
You’ll need a pool table too, (so when everyone gets drunk enough they’ll have pool cues to break on each other’s backs) and these guys make pool tables that are top-of-the-line in every way you could imagine. You can even design your own custom pool table on the site, print out the specs, and take it to a licensed dealer who will make your dream a reality. That is, unless your dream involves making love to Tyra Banks on top of the pool table, they can only do so much.

Brady Distribution
Any other barroom game you could possibly think of, from foosball to classic arcade machines, can be found here; Because Space Invaders and Centipede are much more fun with three of four roman cokes in you. This site also has some as slightly more affordable billiard tables.

Tiki Room
Finally, here’s something that probably won’t be for everyone. A site geared to that nearly forgotten low-class high-cheese style of bar: The Tiki Bar. Unfortunately, they don’t have those bitchin’ Tiki heads for sale, but they do have a surprisingly in-depth selection of books and music that will help educate you in the way of Tiki if you are looking to build this very special class of home bar.


The Bar10der
One of the few times alcohol and technology should mix.

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