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Is there a better guilty pleasure than a sexy lap dance? Pole dancing is great, but a lap dance is even better. Some wives and girlfriends just don’t get it, though it’s interesting to see how women love these things when they finally go to a strip club. Now, with the Internet, you can enjoy the experience of a virtual lap dance in the comfort of your own home!

Sexy Lap Dance Videos

Alicia Witt's sexy lap dance
Alicia gives a lap dance on "Two and a Half Men". This sexy redhead looks amazing!

Spring break lap dances!
Everybody loves drunk college girls giving lap dances!

Sexy lap dance scene from "Babyrush"
This one is pretty funny!

Uncute version of "Death Proof" lap dance scene
Sexy Latina gives a lap dance.

10 Lap Dance Moves for Beginners - Couch Edition
She's wearing workout clothes but this is still really sexy. Show it to your girlfriend and get ready for a fun night!

"Showgirls" Lap Dancing 101 Scene
Al (Robert Davi) gives the new girl a rundown on lap dances, then questions Nomi (Elizabeth Berkley) about not showing up for work.

Keira Knightley "Domino" Lap Dance
Beautiful Keira Knightley shows off her body in this sensual lap dance.

Sexy Eva Longoria Video
Here's a great scene from "Desperate Housewives" with Eva doing some sexy moves on the stripper pole and having a stripper grind on her hubby's lap.


Lap Dance - Wikipedia
This Wikipedia entry is for all you idiots who don’t know what we’re talking about.

Lap Dance Moves Women Should Learn
Chick sites like are actually giving women tips on how to give a lap dance and keep their man happy. Looks like we’re finally making progress in this world. Can you imagine how pissed some feminists must be?
More lap dance tips.

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