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It's just like being back in high school. The t-shirts of 70's and 80's have become the "kitschy" trend setting fashion statement of today. So if you haven't saved your favorite tee's or you are too young to have any of the originals, check out these websites for vintage collections that will put you on the cutting edge of  the epic must- have classic clothing.

Also, check out our general t-shirts store web guide, along with our guides to music t-shirts and funny t-shirts.

Wolfgang's Vault
This is where the past present and future of live music lives. By far, the hippest and largest selection of Vintage tee's on the net. The site has so much to offer. Browsing is a walk down memory lane.
This may be the best site for the best vintage tee's on the net. These are great replicas at a great price. They look like the original, years later. Check it out.

Palmer Cash
These shirts are vintage, funny, fun; irreverent flashbacks to the 70's, 80's and 90's.  You can still make relevant political statements with flashback t-shirts. Check out this site for truly hot tees. – Vintage
You'll find all your favorite logos here, from days gone by. Become branded by America's favorite names. Businesses' come and go, but the t-shirt lives forever.

Rad Rowdies – 80's T-Shirts
Revisit "olden times" or just look cool. Try out the Planet of the Apes or something from Sesame Street. You won't run out of choices, here they have hundreds of t-shirts to choose.

Vintage Vantage
Find museum quality pieces to just purely awesome t-shirts. Expect to pay top dollar for these excellent relics of fashion history.
T-shirts have become so popular that sites devoted to searching for t-shirts are popping up.

The Cotton Factory
Not only a great selection but great prices, as well. Check out old school tees. Not the largest selection but they do have some fairly clever shirts.

Worn Free
This site is awesome if not a little gimmicky, but it works. Emulate your favorite fashion icon or rocker. Choose your shirt off the back of the star who wore it. For instance, Debby Harry wore "this" in 1977. Click on her pic and order the shirt. You need to see it to appreciate how cool and effective it is.

Retro Duck
When is the last time you heard anyone say, "Double Dare"?  They have over 750 t-shirt designs; all clever, all retro. Don't forget to check out the Vintage T-shirts, too.

Blank Generation Shirts
You won't find a huge selection here, but definitely some quality vintage wear. The Retro channel has some really nice selections.
Not a big selection here but when was the last time you found an Andy Kaufman T-shirt? It's worth a look for that special unique, hard to find item.