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Amazon changed everything in the 1990's as its online book store revolutionized how many consumers purchased books. The incredible selection and ease of use made Amazon a powerhouse in the book business. Through the years they made tons of improvements, with comments and reviews from readers to the addition of used books. They drove the market, and naturally tons of other sites popped up as well, many with an emphasis on discount books.

This drove many booksellers out of business, particularly some of the big chains like Border's. Sadly, fewer old-school book stores and independents are around these days though some are hanging on and even selling through Amazon. People like the atmosphere and the convenience of impulse purchases.

Amazon also helped to accelerate another revolution with the Kindle. Amazon wasn't the first to release an e-book reader, but the Kindle started to dominate the space, particularly with the release of the Kindle 2. The book market will never be the same.

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We won't bother with Amazon links but we'll try to highlight some other resources.
Support Local Bookstores. Shop Online with Bookshop.
Find your local indie bookstore with this site. When you shop at small businesses, you help your community, the environment, and the economy.
Tons of free books you can download.

Project Gutenberg
Library of over 60,000 free eBooks.

Free public domain audiobooks.

Over 13 million titles available from the largest seller of used books.

Barnes & Noble
This site is still going strong.

Here you will find deep discounts on you favorite new and used books. It may take a few tries before you figure out how to best find what it is that you are looking for but once you acclimate yourself to the site I will be well worth the money saved. There is also a book preview club to help keep you up to date on what is popular.

Half Price Books
This site offers discounted books magazines and records. They are also advocates of literacy and encourage community involvement by making donations of books and participating with groups such as RIF, and Reach out and Read. They encourage donations of books to these groups around the world.

eBay – Books
Used books are always a great option, and eBay has revolutionized the sale of second-hand books. You'll probably get a great deal if you're willing to browse and go through the auction process.
This site links to tons of bookstores selling used and out-of-print books.
This site lets you compare prices for over 150 million books for sale, covering new books, used books, rare books, out-of-print books, international books and textbooks.


11 places for thrifty bookworms to download free e-books
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