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Groceries Online

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This is interesting territory for the on-line grocery buyer. At one time this idea was the darling of on-line shopping, but now it seems to have become the forgotten stepchild of the Internet.

Many of these sites will offer shipping of non-perishable goods via ground shipment within 1 to 4 days and in limited delivery areas. This service does have its advantages. One can maintain a pantry, avoid shopping when you are short on time, or are located in a remote area and shopping becomes a trek demanding a Sherpa. Buying food items demands some research and diversification. It will, for most, not be a one website stop. Plan on finding staples, meats, produce, and, specialty items on different sites and coordinating your efforts accordingly.
This site offers home grocery delivery in a limited number of cities around the country. Those in Chicago, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Maryland, and, Virginia can enjoy the ease of on-line shopping. It is worth a look if you despise a trip to the grocery store and are wiling to wait 3-4 days for you delivery.
This major supermarket chain has established an excellent web site to service markets in Boise, Idaho and much of Texas. This site only delivers nonperishable items, but overall the selection is good. Deliveries are made every day except Sunday.
This is not the most glamorous site on the internet, however, it is incredibly easy to use and will ship all of you groceries anywhere in the United States. Other than fresh meat and produce, basic items are available for shipment. Net Grocer accepts all major credit cards and offers a simple, no nonsense approach to on line shopping.

Groceries Express
This site will ship non-perishable goods all over the country. U.S Postal Service, FedEx Ground, and, UPS will deliver your items to your door.
Bulk foods offers spices, grains, candies, health supplements, baking and cooking products, as well as dried fruits and nuts. They have a wide variety of items on this site and some hard to find ingredients for the advanced chef. This is a great resource for items that may not be found at the local grocery.

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