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"Food of the Gods"

The power of chocolate is the stuff of legend. The Aztecs knew of its restorative properties and reserved it for warriors and royalty. Giacomo Casanova was known to bring chocolates to his conquests because of its reputation as a subtle aphrodisiac.

Premium dark chocolate contains the highest potency of these ingredients and is considered by chocolate connoisseurs to be superior in taste and quality, as well. But that truly is a matter of personal preference.

There are hundreds even thousands of boutique chocolatiers offering epicurean confections with an astonishing variety of flavors and ingredients. These treats are commonly given as gifts for coworkers, family and friends.

We've assembled a guide to some gourmet and boutique chocolatiers.

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Harry and David
For gift giving and the convenience of ordering on-line you can't beat this site. Everyone loves the tower of treats, artisan truffles and Moose Munch gourmet chocolate fudge.

Hershey's Chocolate
Old world techniques brought to America make this a homegrown favorite. Gift baskets and Special Dark chocolate make for elegant gifts, on-line ordering makes it easy.

Godiva Chocolatier
Great quality and the cache of excellence make this a special gift. The new bakery shop with chocolate cupcakes just might make this irresistible. There are many gift packages to choose from in every price range.

Excellent chocolates in value packaging for convenient gift giving. You can support the Make a Wish foundation with your purchase find corporate gifts and gourmet chocolate for cooking.

The finest Swiss chocolates in gift packages with special holiday treats for festive gift giving. The taste and quality are superb in a variety of dark and milk chocolates.

Neuchatel Swiss Chocolates
Gourmet chocolate confections including butter creams, nut clusters chocolate covered fruits and potato chips. They offer wedding favors and a new line of gourmet chocolate bars.

These confections are famous for their beautifully artful shapes. Sea horses and sea shells rendered in swirls of dark and light chocolate are delicious, melt in your mouth indulgences.

Vosges Chocolate
Haute Chocolat from the, "peace, love and chocolate" people features a special holiday collection of bonbons in eggnog, plum pudding and peppermint flavors. Artful sophisticated chocolates for those with style!

Knock their socks off with holiday inspired chocolates painted with Christmas motifs and elegantly packaged for effortless gift giving. Look for red wine pairings and champagne truffles for a unique experience.

Huge menu of handmade confections.

Lake Champlain Chocolates
These are fresh, all-natural gourmet chocolates from Vermont. You can join the chocolate club and taste everything that this boutique has to offer! You can also choose from Holiday and special occasion collections or select from a huge menu of handmade confections.