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Shopping on-line for Diamonds has never been easier, and many experts now agree that you're crazy to purchase diamonds from anyone other than an online retailer. The reason is cost. Online retailers can save you up to 40% on a purchase by eliminating many of the markups built into prices through the old distribution channels.

Online retailers also offer a great selection and they stand behind their products with very reasonable return policies. This eliminates much of the perceived risk associated with purchasing a big-ticket item online.

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Blue Nile
Blue Nile is the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewelry. The site is easy to navigate and finding specific items is facilitated by a convenient menu system. There is a service site to address any questions or problems and there is also a toll free number for specialized personal attention and phone orders. There are many fine and discounted items and a section that educates diamond buyers in the 4 C's of diamond quality. Blue Nile has a build your own engagement ring feature and sells diamond stones. This site is good when shopping for a wide variety of items and offers something for every price range.

Ice.com is another on-line retailer of a large variety of jewelry and diamonds with a large selection of styles and price ranges. The site is laid out well and makes on line ordering simple, accepting all major credit cards. This site will appeal to those who want to shop and discover gift ideas.

This world famous jeweler of fine Italian design has a website that offers the finest gifts that money can buy. Not only can one fine Bulgari signature pieces but an offering of fine diamond settings and engagement rings is on display. This site is for the discriminating buyer who not only wants beauty and quality but the cache that comes with the Bulgari name.

David Yurman
David Yurman silver, gold, and , stainless steel designs are the new classics. This website displays a wide variety of Yurman favorites down to the semi-precious stone and "ice" designs. David Yurman is for the savvy and fashion conscious consumer. The website is as sleek and stylish as the jewelry it displays. Price ranges to fit every wallet size. 

Tiffany & Co.
The very site of a little blue box is practically enough to set a girls toes on fire. The cache of the Tiffany name is worth it's weight in gold and there are many gifts available on this site that will garnish favor with even the most finicky person on your gift list. The site is easy to navigate and offers jewelry in a surprising range of prices. The popular signature necklace and bracelets with the Tiffany heart charm is available from$175.00. Diamonds on this site are the finest money can buy and there are offerings to suit every taste. One can be assured of the quality of any purchase from Tiffany & Co. 

This national retailer has created a useful web site with a wide selection of merchandise. It is as easy to use the website as it is to walk through the doors of this major retailer of popular jewelry styles. There is something for almost every taste and budget. They offer a customer service and product knowledge section. This might be the best site for the first time or novice buyer who is watching the budget.

This site offers a large selection of diamonds and jewelry and allows you to "build your own" engagement ring. In addition to jewelry, Borsheim's offers a wide selection of gifts for everyone. From pens to barware, vases, or pet "finery", this website is worth a look for one of your most important purchases ever.

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