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The internet offers seemingly limitless options when in comes to collectables and comic books are no exception. With a renewed interest in this nostalgic pastime, be it Hollywood films or comics as art, it is easy to find the rare, odd or just plain fun comic book by doing a little net surfing. Many of these sites also buy comics which offer a unique opportunity buy sell and trade with collectors from all over the world. You'll find chat rooms and sites dedicated to comic book collecting and trading. There is a whole community of comic book interest waiting for you.

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This site offers everything for the comic book and graphic novel enthusiast. Even if you're not into collecting or trading it is a great browsing experience. They offer buy, trade and sell options, special prices on back issues and a huge selection of inventory.

Marvel is the first name in comic books and this website offers everything that you might expect from a classic. There are movies and TV news, character bios, and Marvel videos, just to name a few of the features on this site. They are linked to what's hot and happening in the cartoon and comic world and the art work and graphics are fantastic. Check this one out.

Grand Comic Book Database
The Grand Comic book Database Project (GCD) is a volunteer project with the stated goal to document and index all comic books for the free use of scholars, historians, researchers, and fans of all types. This site encourages your input and is a hot spot for traders and aficionados.
Latest comic book news.

D C Comics
This is a highly interactive site with message boards, videos, downloads, and much more. There is also a feature called graphic novels. They are linked to other sites for purchasing but function mainly as a meeting place for news and information about comics.

The hook here is deep discounts. They promise 75% discount on all pre-ordered comics. They offer a newsletter, monthly specials, and they have an inventory of back issues. This is a useful tool for the collector or frequent comic book reader.

Midtown Comics
This is a place for on line subscriptions and backorder comics. They do have a store in Midtown for all of your special orders. They also offer statues and action figures. All store inventory is available online. The site has the feel of a bustling store in the city.

Comic Link
This site offers auctions on rare and valuable comics.  There is a comic book and comic art exchange along with comic memorabilia. The items here are vintage and beautiful. The first X-Men and Magneto sold for $110,000.00! This is some serious comic action. They also have a want list for those seeking the hard to find, it is a great way to expand your search

Metropolis Collectables
This site offers appraisal service and consignment sales. They have a want list and comic grading; industry lingo to asses the value of your comic. They also have investment picks for those looking to add value to a collection. This site is worth a look especially for the serious collector.

Real Men Read Comics
Cool comics blog.

Comic Price Guide
This site has an interesting feature which breaks down comics into Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, and Modern Age. They also have a member's blog to discuss and trade. It's a good site to get an education on comics and comic trading.