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Nothing gives you instant "cool" like a funny t-shirt. OK, we're exaggerating, but it's not a bad start.

Let your shirt say what you can't. You might come off as that hip guy with that "clever of the moment" adage, sure to impress the ladies unless you screw it up in another was. Girls love a man who can make them laugh, so let your t-shirt help you out.

There is nothing easier than shopping online. Browse hundreds of t-shirts. It's not like you have to try them on. Below, find links to some of the best sites for "clever quips on cotton".

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They have some of the funniest and craziest T-Shirts on the web. You can completely customize your shirt by choosing your own color and style! Check it out!

There are some t-shirts with movie lines, sit-com one liners, and fake company logos from your favorite shows. "More Cow Bell" is a big favorite at $12. Check back each week for 12 new shirts and don't forget the sale page.

Grow awareness with eco-friendly designs. Make a statement with clever slogans that send a message. While you're there, check out the Election 2008 collection.

Foul Mouth Shirts
Well, the name says it all. Prepare to indulge in bawdy humor. Foulmouthed doesn't begin to describe the raunchy nature of these t-shirts. If you enjoy "potty" humor you'll love this site.

Funny, offensive and novelty t-shirt can be found here. Some of your favorite movie lines and blast from the part sayings look great on 10% cotton tees.

Look for TV/movie, political and retro t-shirts. Don't be afraid to wear a "Big Girls Need Love, too" shirt. You can also create your own "sweet gear" and check out new inventory every week.

T-Shirt Hell
This is crazy stuff. Hell doesn't begin to describe how "wrong" these t-shirts are. This is for the brave and daring man who wants a little naughty attention.

Snorg Tees
These are good old fashioned fun-on- a-t-shirt slogans, on liners, and silly humor. Join the Snorgletter, for new t-shirt updates. With shirts like these, who needs pants?

Trendy, of the moment, shirts are droll and sophisticated. They offer your favorite movie lines and clever play on words shirts. Check out this site for something smart and funny.