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As gadgets and electronics become a bigger part of our lives with smartphones and tablets, gadget accessories are becoming more popular as well. We've assembled some cool stocking stuffers you can consider for everyone on your holiday list. Also, check the Bullz-Eye Blog for more stocking stuffer ideas we add through the holiday season.

We naturally recommended the iPhone 4S in our Gadgets Gift Guide, and anyone with an iPhone will also need a cover for the phone. There are tons of different styles out there with all sorts of materials, but it's very important to protect the phone with a case. XtremeMac has released a new line of cases, and we tried out the new Microshield. Microshield is an impact-resistant, hard plastic case that blends protection with simplicity. It's slips cleanly onto the phone and seems to be a natural part of it. The case features a smooth, matte surface with full access to all of the ports, controls and connectors. It's very smooth so you can easily slip it into and out of your pocket, and it feels great in your hands. It's also not bulky like many of the cases you see out there. The metallic finish also looks great in the black version of the iPhone. Check out the link for all the available colors.
Here's a totally different option if you're looking to buy someone an iPhone case. If you're buying for someone who is active or works in an outdoor or construction setting, you should consider a rugged case that can hook onto your belt. The new Universal Sport Rugged Pouch from Ballistic is an excellent option as an iPhone snugly into the case and it's very easy to get to your phone with the case on your side. You can hear your calls with the Soundvent and the Velcro strap keeps the phone in the case. Whether you're hiking or working, this makes getting to your phone easy and simple, and it's a much better option than having the phone in your pocket. It's also much safer as well. You may not want to use it when you go out to dinner, but for everyday use the Universal Sport is a great option.
Headphones are a popular stocking stuffer, and these stylish headphones are a great option for some of the younger and more fashion-conscious people on your list. We tried the new NoiseHush NX80 3.5mm Stereo Headphones and there were plenty of features to like. First and most importantly so sound was very good, particularly when you consider the reasonable cost for these headphones. Next, these headphones have an inline answer/end button and microphone. With so many gadgets, we all need several sets of headphones and it's nice to have options that let you make hands-free calls as well. This headset also sports a fettuccine style no tangle cord. After dealing with cords that tangle up you'll appreciate this feature. The cord is also bright red, so with the black ear buds the headphones look unique as well.
Urbanears has a new collection of stylish headphones, and we tested the Plattan model. It's available in a variety of cool colors like the Indigo option pictured here. The design is truly unique and the eclectic color choices offer something for everyone. The headphones are also very comfortable. The padding is soft and fits nicely over the ear, and the sound quality was excellent as well. In today's world of mobile music, you can't have too many sets of headphones. This new line from Urbanears should be a great gift for anyone who appreciates some style with their electronics.
With more gadgets, we need more chargers. The PowerSlice from Fuse is a universal charger that can help keep all of these gadgets organized and charged. With the PowerSlice you can charge up to four gadgets on one plug as the device uses individual slices with charging tips along with a built-in USB port on the charger base. Slices are purchased separately and slip into the unit, so you can charge a variety of devices from Samsung, LG, Apple products and Micro and Mini USB. You can have your iPhone charging while another has their Blackberry. You can put the PowerSlice in a strategic spot in the kitchen or another spot in your home and make things easier for everyone while cutting down on the clutter.
Everyone also wants to charge their gadgets in cars, and this device lets you charge up more than one device. The USB Twin Tablet Charging Kit from Qmadix is a handy tool as it lets you charge two items at the same time through a USB cable. With this dual charger, you and your passenger can both charge your phones at the same time, or you can charge your phone and iPad at the same time. The unit comes with the dual charger and one USB cable for Apple products. It's a great stocking stuffer if you're looking for holiday gifts.
Portable memory seemingly gets smaller and more affordable by the day. The Clip-it flash drive from Verbatim is literally the size of a paperclip, and even better, it can be used like a paperclip by attaching it papers, your pocket, your wallet and more for easy on-the-go access. We personally love having the Clip-it hidden in our wallet so we always have 4GB of storage space for life's unexpected file-management moments. Available in blue, black, green, orange and pink, the Clip-it is a sweet little stocking stuffer that just about anyone can use these days.
This portable task light can be easily stashed in a bag and pulled out when you need some illumination. The 11 LEDs provide ample white light, and the battery-powered Mantis has two light settings to provide some flexibility. Speaking of flexibility, this light can be clipped onto your computer monitor or laptop to light up your workspace, but the bright LEDs can actually prove to be a bit distracting in this capacity if they're shining in your face. However, we love the two flip-out legs that let the Mantis stand on any flat surface, making it a perfect item to bring along when traveling, camping or any other time you may find yourself in need of some quick light. To learn more about quirky's social product development and how you can submit your own product ideas, visit