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Shopping for the woman in your life isn't easy. The possibilities are endless depending on your relationship and every gift will be evaluated in ways you can't even imagine. Just make sure to put some thought into the gift. Consider what she likes and don't wait until the last minute. We've all heard the cliché that "it's the thought that counts," but it's really true. Browse our guide and other gift guides around the web and you'll come up with some great ideas that are great for her.


We've asked Shelly Perry to point out some of the gifts that will be popular with women this year. The gifts here focus on fashionable and trendy items.

Timeless, classic, Chanel.

This bag is as big today as it ever was and definitely the season's hot gift for fashionable ladies everywhere. Spotted on celebrities in Who What Wear  and on the streets from Paris to Chicago, the Chanel across the body bag in all its incarnations and colors is a must have!

Chanel's well known "2.55" takes its name from the month and year when Coco Chanel has launched the luxurious item: February 1955. The burgundy lining that Coco herself placed in all black bags is a playful nod towards her old uniform at Aubazine School in the South of France. The quilt is inspired by several sources: the stained-glass windows of the abbey at Aubazine, where Coco Chanel grew up, by jockeys' riding coats as well as by Coco's own light-brown suede cushions in her rue Cambon apartment in Paris. The revolutionizing shoulder strap – previously found on soldiers' bags and the heavy satchels female bicycle porters carried during the war – are made for woman in modern times. Coco also introduced the shoulder strap, previously found only on soldiers' bags and the heavy satchels female bicycle porters carried during the war

Alongside N°5, the camellia, pearl necklaces and the little black dress, this criss-cross design has become one of the timeless symbols of the house of Chanel.

You've got to love Stella McCartney's commitment to her vegan lifestyle right down to her very business. No animals or animal products are used in Stella McCartney designs. For the animal lover in your life this is the perfect accessory.

This Hobo Bag is fantastic! It's soft and supple and the perfect size and quite frankly, it's better than leather. You truly can't tell the difference.

New York street fashion loves Stella's hip urban design. Young and chic fashionistas show up on Jaspertastic on the street and in the subway with McCartney's chain hobo bag. For around $1,000 the bag can be found on line and at Bergdorf's, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.
  • Macaroons

Move over, Cupcake! Make room for Macaroons!

Trendy and delicious, fancy and French macaroons are one of those little luxuries which are so hot right now. They also look like little works of art. Making them can be fun but receiving a beautiful box from Paris - even better! Fauchon macaroons are just one special way to give this diabolical treat! Saveurdujour, Danny Macaroons and Macaroncafe  are also great places from which to order.
Give the gift of fashionable relaxation. The Marimekko Fatboy can be drop shipped just in time for the holidays. This big cozy bean bag in signature Marimekko modern print and bright colors is the perfect gift for anyone who takes a load off from time to time. Stylish and modern design is the hallmark of the Finish retailer, which has made a splash in the United States.

Don't hate us but we LOVE these!

The '70s are making a comeback as the big trend for 2011.  To pay homage, fashion giant Prada is introducing Mary Jane Boots. The calves of the shoe look like fake legs attached to a Mary Jane pumps. The boots are one-of-a-kind, perfect for someone who is quite fashion-forward. Just like a typical Mary Jane shoe, this pair too has a block heel that measure 3.5 inches in height and square toes. To give a retro feel to the boot, an oversized button has been stuck to the front closure.

The shoes will be exclusively available at Net -A -Porter and will retail at $1,500.

You can use Shelly's picks for ideas on what your wife or girlfriend might like, and then you can look for similar items if the ideas don't fit your budget.

We'll add to this list throughout the month so be sure to check back for more recommendations.

There's something about that little blue box. You just can't go wrong ever getting a gift from Tiffany & Co. as most women immediately recognize the box and appreciate the quality of the brand. It's also not just for expensive items! We've said this before, but there are plenty of reasonable options available that will make her smile. Check out the $250 and under tab in the jewelry section of the website and you'll see tons of great pieces made of sterling silver. The Venetian Link Bracelet (right) is a great example. Shop online or pop into one of their stores and you'll find something great.
This 3-in-1 device is a cool little gadget for the tablet user in your life. She can carry this Griffin stylus for all of her tablet needs, then pop the top off, flip it around and -- boom -- she's got a reliable ballpoint pen. Plus, the integrated laser pointer is great for those who give presentations…or just want to drive their cat crazy chasing the little red dot around the house. This 3-in-1 stylus is the kind of thing you probably don't know that you need until you actually have one and realize how convenient it is to have a pen and stylus in one device. Plus, this Griffin looks and feels great in your hand.