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Father's Day Gift Guide

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Booze is always an easy gift, but that’s because most guys love it. You can choose something you know they like, or use the occasion of Father’s Day to have them try something new. Either way you win, especially if you stick around to help them drink it up!

We love Ron Abuelo rum, and they have a Father’s Day Gift Set which bundles a 750ml bottle of the Ron Abuelo 12 Años rum with a stylish and convenient travel kit. Along with the awesome rum bottle, the kit includes a leather wallet, magnetic money clip and key chain. It’s a great gift set, but the rum bottle is the highlight of course. Ron Abuelo rum is produced entirely from estate-grown sugar cane in Panama by the family-owned Varela Hermanos. The company dates back to 1908 when Don José Varela established the first sugar mill in the recently-formed Republic of Panama, the San Isidro Sugar Mill. Almost 30 years later, Varela began the distillation of alcohol from their sugar cane crop in 1936. Currently run by the third generation, Varela Hermanos has approximately 1000 hectares of land devoted exclusively to the cultivation of sugar cane. Today, the range is composed of four authentic dark oak-aged rums: Añejo, 7 Años, 12 Años and the limited edition Ron Abuelo Centuria. Sip it straight or make up some killer cocktails. Either way, this stuff is a great addition to your bar and makes a great gift as well.

We’re big fans of Canadian Whisky here at, and with the popularity of “Mad Men” more people are discovering the great whisky brands from up North. Crown Royal is one of the elites, and they’ve now released Crown Royal XR (as in extra-rare), a new blend that includes select remaining whiskies from the renowned LaSalle Distillery near Montreal. Crown Royal XR is unparalleled in the luxury Canadian whisky experience, possessing a sophisticated blend of dried fruits and honey, balancing the spicy notes of rye. We tried it and it’s incredibly smooth. Chances are most dads love Canadian whisky and will be thrilled with a bottle Crown Royal, but the new XR is a special treat. It’s priced at $129.99 a bottle so it’s the perfect gift for a guy that likes the finer things.

Just looking at the bottle and packaging you know this one will make a great gift. Highland Park Single Malt Scotch Whisky has released its newest whisky, Thor, the first coming in the Valhalla Collection, a range of four unique whiskies to be released on an annual basis, all taking inspiration from the legendary Nordic gods. We tried it and it certainly lives up to the billing! We definitely recommend smoking a nice cigar while enjoying it. This collectible whisky should be a welcomed addition to any rare Scotch collection or a great gift for the comic book enthusiast. With only 1,500 being released in the United States, it’s housed in a badass wooden frame inspired by a traditional Viking long ship. Highland Park is distilled in Scotland’s Orkney Islands at the world’s northernmost distillery, resulting in a uniquely flavored Scotch, unlike any other single malt. It’s a perfect gift for the Scotch-lover on your list.

Many dads are beer-lovers, so getting him some premium beer he’s never tried before will definitely put a smile on his face. Our beer aficionado Mike Barkacs can help you with his beer reviews, so check them out and pick one or more that guys on your list would like to try. In a recent review, he tries Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout and determines it might be the best oatmeal stout out there. It also has an interesting packaging story: “It is surprisingly rare to run across a beer that seems to have everything going for it; an accessible style, easy to drink yet complex, suitable for most any occasion, and it’s green. Actually, Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout is nearly black, but the Andersonville Brewery is solar powered and the beer comes in an environmentally friendly can. Decent craft beer in cans is definitely the wave of the very near future, and all beer drinkers should eagerly embrace this improvement. These aren’t the tin cans that made your great grandfather’s Schlitz taste like metallic soup. Unlike bottles, cans keep the beer fresher by eliminating its two worst enemies, light and air, so the canned beer is much more likely to taste exactly as it was meant to when it first rolled out of the brewery. And, Barney Flats is a beer that deserves to have its brewery-fresh taste preserved.”

Many dads also like wine as well, so check out Gabe Sasso’s wine reviews before picking some out at your local win shop. One of his recent reviews focuses on Bob Pepi wines. Gabe explains, “Bob Pepi started gaining recognition as the winemaker at Robert Pepi Wines, the winery that he and his dad founded. In the mid ‘90s the family sold that winery, and since that time Bob has been making wine all over the world both for his own labels and as a consultant for a Who’s Who of wineries. In Argentina he’s responsible for all the wines that Bodega Valentin Bianchi exports. In his native California, he works with names like Angel’s Secret, Andretti and numerous others. For his own label, Eponymous, he makes use of long-established relationships, connections and his vast knowledge of California to source grapes from some killer vineyards. I have tasted many selections, at a wide array of price points that Bob is responsible for; in short what he touch turns to delicious liquid gold. You simply can’t go wrong with wines that Bob Pepi makes. This time out I take a look at a trio of recent releases that he produced.” Check out the review for the specific recommendations. is an online service where you can purchase wine by the glass. Imagine that. How often do you open a bottle, have one or two glasses, and then dump the rest of the bottle? This way, you get a single serving and can then try a different glass of something else, or open up a second single serving bottle of the same wine. Even cooler is the Wine for Dudes Sampler – a flight of six different wines, all from California vineyards, but in 1.7 oz bottles that are perfect for tasting. If you’re looking to get hammered, look elsewhere, but if you are expanding your horizons and learning more about wine as you get older, this is a great way to try some new wines, like a Bugay Rose Syrah (a pink wine that most guys wouldn’t be caught dead drinking), a Francis Coppola Winery Chardonnay, a Twisted Oak red blend, and a Jake Ryan Cellars Zinfandel. Check out our full review of this unique but cool gift idea here.