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Where did it come from? When did it all start and why has it become such a huge craze?

The subject is poker and more specifically, poker tournaments. It wasn’t enough to have a few buddies over for a couple of beers, hours of entertainment and a small cash game of Texas Hold’em.

Now there are poker tournaments where professionals gather for large pools of money and rising celebrity status. Guys like Chris Moneymaker, Phil Hellmuth and Phil Ivey are being mentioned as much as Albert Pujols, Peyton Manning and Allen Iverson.

Hey, why not?

Where else can you gather a group of friends for a full night of organized entertainment and spend as little as two dollars? A night at the movies will run you close to $15 these days.

The wide spread of poker tournaments in the United States has continuously gotten bigger, more popular and vastly over exposed. The World Series of Poker, Legends of Poker and the L.A. Poker Championship are just three of a plethora of scheduled tournaments throughout a calendar year.

Turn on your TV set these days and you can catch the World Series of Poker re-runs at any time of the day or even watch celebrities duke it out for charities in The Celebrity Poker Showdown.

The game of poker has been around forever too, and that’s the ironic part. Players of the game most likely learned some form of the game from their grandparents and now its status is getting as large as some of these players egos.

With some many online tournaments available daily and nightly, the poker machine will only get stronger and more organized.

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Information Websites

The World Series of Poker
The “granddaddy of poker tournaments is the World Series of Poker. This site offers player rankings, chip counts, standings, upcoming event logs, TV broadcasts and an online store are all just some of things you can find on this site.

Orleans Open
The Orleans Open is a yearly tournament held at the Orleans Hotel and Casino. This site offers a look at the standings from this past July’s tournament.

Shooting Star
The Shooting Star tournament is held at San Jose’s Bay 101 Casino and is televised yearly. The 2006 Tournament was held in March; here is information on the tournament and its winner.

California State Championship
The California State Championship is held at the Commerce Casino in Los Angles and is set to kick off in early September. Catch a peak at the tournament schedule.

5 Star Classic
The 2006 5 Star Classic was held at the famous Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here are the tournament results from April, with the winner in each game played in.

Legends of Poker
The Legends of Poker is a huge tournament held at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, California. The 2006 Legends of Poker tournament will be held from August through September. This site offers a listing of all the specific tournaments, dates of the events as well as buy-in information.

Five Diamond
The Bellagio is not only home to the 5 Star Classic poker tournaments, but also the Five Diamond. The Five Diamond will take place in November and runs through the middle of December.

L.A. Poker Classic
The LAPC is held in Commerce, CA and is the top poker tournament in February. Its stage is set at the largest poker room and often draws over 600 players.

Celebrity Poker Showdown
One poker tournament that is gaining a wide national audience is the Celebrity Poker Showdown, which is a reality TV based program that pits five celebrities against each other for a $250,000 prize pool.

News and Commentary

The World Series of Poker draws like never before
How much has The World Series of Poker grown? 25 years ago 80 players participated in the “granddaddy” of poker tournaments. Now more than 8,725 players entered into the 2006 WSOP tournament in 2006.

Poker tournament has a twist
Cash winnings have never been higher in poker tournaments than right now in the present.

Phil Hellmuth, Jr. Makes Poker History With Record-Tying Tenth WSOP Bracelet
Considered one of the best poker players in the world, Phil Hellmuth won his record-tying tenth WSOP gold bracelet with is July 25th, 2006 effort to put him atop the poker leader board.

Hellmuth, Brunson knocked out of poker series
Of course, a gold bracelet doesn’t guarantee you a WSOP Championship crown. Hellmuth was knocked out of the series just six hours into the event.

Players file Antitrust Lawsuit Against WPT
‘Seven poker players have joined together and filed a lawsuit against World Poker Tour Enterprises today, claiming that the company behind the World Poker Tour has violated antitrust laws by demanding players sign away the rights to their likeliness before taking part in WPT events.’

WSOP Millionaires
Poker rank the top WSOP Millionaires as well as overall top money winners in the game of poker.

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