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Fantasy Gambling

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Is there any bigger hobby in the world besides gambling? Whether it’s playing poker, blackjack or betting on sports, gambling seems to have hitched a sizable following over the years.

With all the controversies surrounding online gambling, “fantasy” gambling sites started to grow in popularity. Fantasy gambling sites take the risk out of losing your money, because you actually don’t wager anything but your time. Have a great day picking winners on a fantasy site and you can wind up with a free prize or even cash. Have a bad day losing on a fantasy site – because the damn underdog kicks a meaningless field goal as time expires – and all you’ll really lose is some pride.

How can these fantasy gambling sites exist if you don’t have to pay anything? Don’t worry – that little thing called advertising keeps these sites fully operational.

Below you’ll find a safe way to gamble without having to risk the mortgage, your kids or even one of your limbs to some guy named “Fat” Tony.

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This fantasy gambling site created a frenzy several years ago along with its main competitor, DraftKings. Eventually the two sites had to merge and various states came down hard on them as to whether these fantasy sports sites complied with state laws. We'll see if sites like this can survive and thrive with the new scrutiny. Hopefully we see an evolution where everyone can play.

Covers - Contests
This gambling website has a great contests page where you have all sorts of free contests to play. They also provide tools for you to create and play in office pools.

Pregame - Contests
Here's another gambling website with a section devoted to free contests. You can follow them on Twitter here.


If you're going to play, you always want to be on top of the latest odds. Check out our live lines page for updated odds on other major sports. You also want to know what you're doing, so make sure to research how to play the games, but keep in mind that good fanatasy sites that offer free play are a great way to learn.

Football Future Odds

Cash in on your Super Bowl hunch or try and pick the next college football National Champion with these football future odds.

How to play craps without embarrassing yourself at the tablesHow to play craps without embarrassing yourself at the tables

You can make a ton of money playing craps. You can also make a fool of yourself if you don't know what you're doing. Learn the basics and cash in!

Daily JoustDoc's Sports NFL Picks

Doc's is one of the most trusted names in NFL lines and sports handicapping. Check out their excellent services. If you want to enjoy fantasy sports games, learning about handicapping from pros like Doc's is a great way to go!

Gambling fans will love this new website and talk network that features longtime sports broadcaster Brett Musberger along with other gambling experts and personalities. They have shows on satellite radio and you can stream the shows on their website as well. They cover all sorts of topics relating to Las Vegas and gambling, so wagering fans will love it. They are more interested in the than fantasy sports but it's still a great resource.

Fantasy Sports Trade Association
This organization helps promote fantasy sports and advovates for the industry.


Fantasy sports industry suffers
With recent controversies, the daily fantasy sports industry has sharply contracted since the online games offered by companies like FanDuel and DraftKings sparked legal battles in various states.

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