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If you walk into a casino, you need to know what you're doing. The casino will always have the edge, but you help them even more if you don't understand the rules and the odds. Even if you're an experienced gambler, you can always learn more.

If you're a beginner, you definitely need to do some research before diving in. It'll save you some money, and it'll save you some embarrassment as well. Read up on the various casino games and you'll improve your play substantially. Just learing the basics will save you money and embarrassment. We also recommend you to go inside Online Casinos Canada site where you can get more detailed info about online casinos, read casino reviews, learn more about each game and more. When you're done you can go on and start playing!

There is a good range of games online for you to choose from once you have found a good site. Almost every game you can play in a live casino can now be found online as well. There are virtual slots, craps, roulette and baccarat. For the card lovers there are plenty of blackjack and poker games which you can play against the dealer or with other players from around the world. Your opponents could be from Canada, the US or many other countries.

Don't Ignore Your Dealer!

Tipping etiquette in VegasTipping etiquette in Vegas

Tipping your dealer won't make you a big winner on your next trip to Sin City, but it will make your time at the tables as enjoyable as possible. Learn how and when to tip your dealer.

Gambling Times
This well-known magazine devoted to gambling has an excellent Web site. Here you’ll find tons of great content covering a wide variety of casino games.

High Roller Lifestyle - Casino Games
This gambling blog is geared towards high rollers who love the action in a casino and all the perks that go with laying down big money!

Free Casino Games - AOL Games
Tons of free games.
You will become addicted.
Reviews tons of free games and sites.

This popular online encyclopedia has a useful summary of all the well-known casino games.

Las Vegas City Guide
Our comprehensive guide to Sin City is a must for anyone who wants to hit the desert town and try their luck in the casinos. There's more to do in Vegas than gamble, and we've got it all covered.


How to Count Cards
Wired Magazine has a cool article explaining card counting in blackjack.

Candidates' Vices: Craps and Poker
Time reports that Barack Obama loves poker, and John McCain loves to drop money on craps. At least these guys know how to live a little!

Games of trance
Learn how the casinos use tricks to get you hooked to games like slots.

Check out some of our pages devoted to particular casino games to learn more, like our Blackjack, Poker and Craps pages. Do your research so you're not the fool at the table hitting on a fifteen when the dealer is showing a six!

Recommended Reading

Play online casino games at Littlewoods Casino, including roulette, blackjack, slots, craps, video poker, keno, Spiderman and the famous bejeweled.

News & Notes

Hawaii to consider legalizing gambling
With a massive budget deficit, Hawaii could benefit from the tax profits legalized gambling would bring.

Singapore casino already drawing additional crime
Almost immediately after opening a series of integrated casinos in Singapore, a major jump in casino-related crimes has been reported.

MGM Mirage likely to leave Atlantic City
One of the largest companies in the casino industry appears to be on the verge of abandoning its grand plans in New Jersey.

East Chicago to receive casino funds
A lawsuit wages over the allocation of more than $16 million from an Indiana casino.

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