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Betting is fun, and if you're just playing around with small stakes it's just entertainment. But, if you're in Vegas and you're laying down real money, you better know what you're doing. Nothing will guarantee a winner. If you don't understand that you're one of these suckers that helps build those enourmous casinos. But you can improve your odds of winning with preparation and well-thought-out strategies.

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Spring Training Decisions
Believe it or not, the way a team plays in spring training can mean absolutely nothing.

Ten Keys to College Hoops Wagering
DocSports counts down the top ten things to do before betting on college basketball.

NBA Props
If you've never played the prop, you might be missing out on some easy money.

NHL New Rules
The addition of the shootout may have affected betting habits, but not by much.

Betting Futures
Futures bets may have big payoffs, but they're just too risky for the casual bettor.

Moneyline Bets
Is betting the moneyline the way to go?

Betters Get Smart
Sports betting has taken a giant hit since the square became educated.

Wagering and Fantasy Football
Fantasy football. It won't make you an instant winner, but it'll help you get there.

More Betting Tips

How to Win at Sports Betting
Some simple behavioral rules will help you do better with sports betting.

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