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If you’ve never learned how to play, either from experienced players or from a book or Web site, you probably have no idea what you’re doing. If you’re a beginner, spend some time learning Basic Strategy so you don’t embarrass yourself at the tables.

If you’re an experienced player you know that you can always learn more and improve your game. Hopefully the sites below will help.

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Tipping etiquette in VegasTipping etiquette in Vegas

Tipping your dealer won't make you a big winner on your next trip to Sin City, but it will make your time at the tables as enjoyable as possible. Learn how and when to tip your dealer.

How to Count Cards
Wired Magazine has a cool article explaining card counting in blackjack.

Single deck blackjack has become a ripoff in Las Vegas
Don't play at any blackjack table that pays only 6-5 instead of 3-2 for blackjack.

Here you’ll find a wealth of information about the game of blackjack, including detailed strategy sections. The site is well-organized, though the background colors are a little annoying. Still, overall it’s a very good site.

High Roller Lifestyle - Blackjack
This casino blog is dedicated to high rollers who like to play big stakes, but it has good information on games like blackjack for all players.
The best thing about this site is their Blackjack Basic Strategy Engine. Basically they will generate a free chart for you for hitting/standing decisions based on the number of decks and the rule variations. The site also has great links to other blackjack sites.
The tag line here is “The Ultimate Online Blackjack Portal – Rules, Strategies, Downloads, Tips, Odds, Table Guide & More.” That’s a pretty good description so we don’t need to add anything!

Strategic Blackjack
This site is very well-organized and very informative. It also has an excellent guide to online games.

Blackjack Review Network
This is a great site devoted to serious players.

Blackjack Articles

Blackjack Etiquette – Don’t let bad players at your table make you angry
Don't let a bad player distract you. Anger at bad beats gets you nowwhere.

Should You Tip Dealers in Blackjack?
Be cool and learn how to tip.

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