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Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, and is located where the Amstel River and the IJ Bay meet. The city is built on a series of canals – in fact, there are more canals in Amsterdam than there are in Venice, Italy. The Dutch are so good at building dams that the Venetians have called them in to help with their sinking city. 

Amsterdam is famous for its red-light district, where prostitution is legal and cannabis use is tolerated. Cannabis is sold in “coffee shops,” and if you decide to partake, don’t cause a disturbance, because the police will haul you off if you do. Remember, cannabis is not technically legal in Amsterdam. It’s tolerated, and that requires responsible use. 

The red-light district is what makes Amsterdam famous, so the city can be a bit seedy in spots, but its canals make most of Amsterdam quite beautiful. The areas around the city center are gorgeous, especially near the Anne Frank museum and in the Jordaan area. Amsterdam has a reputation for being a party city, but it can also be quite romantic, so it’s good city to visit with friends or with someone special. 

One thing we noticed is that Amsterdam is such a popular destination for "stag weekends" and parties that you see many more men at the bars than women, at least in the main parts of town.

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