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The tragedy of Hurricane Katrina has not completely destroyed this great American city, but New Orleans has come back strong.

Entertainment, however, will be one of the keys to rebuilding this city. Famous for such events as Mardi Gras and the Jazz Heritage Festival, New Orleans has always been a huge a party with some of the best bars and restaurants to keep you busy in the French Quarter and Downtown.

The famous French Quarter is one of the few places in America that hasn't been completed overtaken by chain restaurants and hotels. You actually feel like you're in a real place that has some history. And, it's a great history. It's based on good food, good music and fun. Here you'll find incredible food unlike any other that you'll find in the U.S. You think you've tried gumbo, but you really haven't until you've had it in one of the dive, hole-in-the-wall restaurants in the French Quarter that have been making the stuff based on their own recipe for years.

The music is also great. The great days of Jazz may be long behind us, but you'll see some of the best live music in the country here in New Orleans.

Finally, this is a town that truly appreciates alcohol. here you can by a beer in the street and carry it around with you. You can stroll up to a bar facing the street and literally order fresh oysters and beer and eat them while you're standing on the sidewalk and watching the ladies walk by. If you're ready to party, New Orleans is the place to be! By paying a visit, you'll also be helping them get back on their feet.

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