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At three years old, most kids are still sucking milk from a bottle, learning how to count and watching some goofy cartoon character running into things.

When Eldrick “Tiger” Woods turned three, he shot a 48 over nine holes at the Navy Golf Club in Cypress, California.

If it hasn’t sunk in yet, he was only…three…years…old.

By the time Tiger turned 23, he had already won the U.S. Amateur’s Championship three consecutive years, crowned Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year and notched his first major championship at The Masters.

Woods has won The Masters four times (1997, 2001, 2002, 2005), the U.S. Open twice (2000, 2002), the Open Championship three times (2000, 2005, 2006) and the PGA Championship four times (1999, 2000, 2006, 2007).

Tiger has won so much hardware, Home Depot would be jealous.

He has been ranked number one on the PGA Tour money list six times, and has been named PGA Tour Player of the Year six times. Sticking with the theme, Woods has won six Vardon Trophies, an award given annually by the PGA of America to the PGA Tour’s leader in scoring average.

The Mark H. McCormack Award is given to the golfer who finished the most weeks at number one during a calendar year. Woods has 10.

Tiger is so good that many courses on the PGA Tour rotation (including Major Championship sites like Augusta National) have been known to add yardage to their tees in an effort to slow down long hitters such as Woods.

This strategy would work on normal human beings, but Woods is far from normal, and he just shrugs off the distances and embraces the new challenge.

While playing at the British Open and the PGA Championship in 2006, Woods won both events without out-driving his playing partner once. He only used his driver once, instead opting for long irons off the tee so that he could hit fairways more consistently.

The pure fact that Tiger has as much smarts for the game of golf as he does talent for it is remarkable.

For all that Woods has accomplished, he has also given back to the community, which makes him one of the most popular athletes in the world. He set up his Tiger Woods Foundation, which helps give youth an avenue to reach their goals and get even more education outside of the classroom.

Tiger participates in at least six foundations, fundraisers or festivals every year.

Looking forward, Woods has captured 13 major tournaments in his career, chasing Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18. Unless something in the future happens to Tiger, he’ll likely crush Nicklaus’ record.

At 31, Woods is the youngest player to win 50 PGA tournaments, three years ahead of when Nicklaus captured his 50th PGA tournament victory. Plus, at his age, he still has plenty of golf left in him.

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