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It may not boast the same rabid fan base as fantasy football, but fantasy hoops is definitely gaining in popularity behind the star power of guys like Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James. You'll find some helpful draft content below, including positional rankings and regular player updates and analysis.

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The All-Underutilized Team, and random thoughts from the All-Star Game (J. Paulsen, 02/19/2008)
The superstars were all on display Sunday night at the NBA All Star Game, but John wants to talk about those players who just don't get enough love. His All-Underutilized Team is filled with guys like Jordan Farmar and Hakim Warrick who put up good numbers in limited minutes.

Breakdown of the Gasol trade, the Lakers’ next move and Kidd trade ideas (J. Paulsen, 2/05/2008)
The Lakers made a terrific deal in acquiring Pau Gasol, but they shouldn't stop there. John Paulsen looks at their revamped roster and suggests the Lakers move Lamar Odom for a better fit at small forward. He also discusses several deals that could entice the Nets to part ways with Jason Kidd.

Who is the best (and the worst) shooter in the NBA?
(J. Paulsen, 1/29/2008)
Who is the best shooter in the NBA? John Paulsen says that's a loaded question, but if you're asking who the most efficient shooter is, he looks to the Points Per Shot stat for an answer and finds several of the usual suspects leading the way. PPS also tells us who the league's worst shooters are.

Can the Lakers weather the coming storm? (J. Paulsen, 1/22/2008)
Kobe's team is off to a great start, but the loss of Andrew Bynum and a grueling upcoming schedule will be a tough test for the Lakers. If they're going to weather the storm, John Paulsen says the young team needs Kwame Brown to ignore the boo birds and step up his game in Bynum's absence.

Nods and snubs: Who should go to the 2008 NBA All-Star Game? (J. Paulsen, 1/15/2008)
The Celtics own the NBA's best record and are lapping everyone else in the East, but will their success translate into All-Star votes for Boston's Big Three? John Paulsen reveals his All-Star picks, which include no-brainers like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, along with a few surprising selections.

One month in: efficiency per minute leaders (J. Paulsen, 11/07/2007)
What's the best way to gauge an NBA player's productivity? John prefers the Efficiency Per Minute stat, which basically subtracts all the bad things a player does from all the good things he does. One month into the season, John checks out the EPM leaders at all five positions.

Kobe trade talk (J. Paulsen, 11/09/2007)
It's fun to speculate, and let's face it: at this point, all Kobe Bryant trade talk is pure speculation. John checks in with his own thoughts on potential Kobe trade scenarios, including hypothetical deals involving Shawn Marion, Tracy McGrady, Michael Redd and Gilbert Arenas.

Five rookies to watch and a longshot blockbuster
(J. Paulsen, 11/02/2007)
Greg Oden may be out for the year but John says there are plenty of NBA rookies who should make a splash this season, led by Seattle's Kevin Durant and Atlanta's Al Horford. Speaking of making a splash, John says the Lakers should consider dealing Kobe Bryant to a division foe

Fantasy hoops: 10 sleepers to target (J. Paulsen, 10/12/2007)
Fantasy basketball may not be as popular as fantasy football or baseball, but John knows its fan base is growing by the season. With that in mind and draft season looming, he targets two sleepers at each position, including Andrew Bogut, David Lee and rookie Mike Conley.

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