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Gaining rapid popularity, surfing has become much more than just a hobby. Over the the past couple of years, surfing has lured national media attention from networks like ESPN2 and Foxsports, which have broadcast tours and competitions. That type of exposure has allowed surfing to close the popularity gap between it and other “secondary” sports like golf and tennis.

Thanks to professionals such as Kelly Slater, Andy Irons and Mick Fanning, kids are starting to gravitate to surfing at a much younger age, which is excellent for the longevity of the sport. As some of these professionals become more recognizable, it helps make marketing the sport easier.

Below is a web guide featuring informational sites not only on the professionals, but also surfing in general. Also included is a list of top surf break locations, as well as a news and commentary section dedicated to surfing articles.

Also, make sure to check out our surfing videos page for awesome shots of great surfers. Another treat is our hot surfer girl, Crystal, who graced as our Girl Next Door for March 2006.

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Livemore magazine - Barefoot Surf
Great site for surfing afficionados.
Surf reports and webcam video of beaches around the world.

The British Surfing Association
This is the official website of the British Surfing Association, complete with news on British surfers as well as pictures, links and wallpapers.


World's Best Surf Destinations
Zip up your wetsuit, grab your board and get ready to hit the waves at Travel Channel’s favorite surf destinations – known for their beauty as well as their break.

A Beginner's Guide to Surfing
Here's a crash course in surf etiquette.

5 things to know when you start surfing
Great tips for beginners.

8 of the best vacations to improve your surfing
Helpful advice from Men's Journal.

Surfing’s Next Generation Takes to the Air
The New York Times has a cool article about the next generation of surfers. With tricks adapted from sports like BMX freestyle, snowboarding and skateboarding, a new generation of surfers has pushed the sport into another realm.

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