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Most top chefs will tell you that if the salmon smells fishy, don’t eat it. We think that is pretty good advice to live by generally.

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A great site devoted to fly-fishing.
The online version of the popular print magazine. Well done.
If you want information about boats, forecasts and fishing hotspots, this is a good place to start.

Kevin’s Bass Fishing Site
Fishing enthusiasts will love this site.
Cool site devoted to fresh-water fishing and hunting. Lively message boards dominate the content here.
Great site loaded with fishing content.
Huge, well-organized directory of fishing-related sites.
These guys don't mess around with the small stuff. The site also has some great tools to find fishing spots. Check it out.

Game and Fish
Excellent website from this outdoor magazine.


The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Fishing
All you need is a rod, a license, and a good attitude to catch your first fish.

25 best fishing gifts for Father's Day
Great list for fathers who love to fish.

0 Great Fishing Vacations In America—And Top Fishing Charters To Book
This is a great list if you're thinking about a fishing vacation or casual trip. Do you love to fish in rivers or lakes? Do you prefer deep sea fishing out on the open ocean? Off of a pier or on a boat? Have you traveled the world in search of the best fishing trips, or just been dreaming of what’s beyond your local pond? The United States has some of the world’s most amazing fishing destinations, each exciting in their own way. Experience the fun, relaxation, and sporting spirit of fishing in a new place, whether you’re catching wild salmon in Alaska or mahi-mahi in Hawaii.

The 12 Ultimate Bucket List Fishing Trips
Everyone has that bucket list fishing trip burning away at the back of their mind. For some, it’s a remote, icy stream with nothing but the soft swish of a fly rod for company. Others imagine heavy tackle reels screaming under the strain of a 1,000 lb sea monster. Whatever it is, it’s the thing you spend your life working toward. The reason to keep improving your game. This is an ultimate bucket list fishing trips from around the world. The destinations are as varied as the target species, but they all have one thing in common: They offer that once-in-a-lifetime catch that many anglers dream of but only a few see come true.

7 Best Saltwater Fishing Trips
Ever dream of taking a fishing trip you'll remember for the rest of your life? Here are seven saltwater fishing trips that should be on every bucket list.

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