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Paintball used to be the sport of choice for survivor freaks and boy scouts only, but in the past 10 years or so the sport has exploded in popularity, with professional tournaments even getting airtime on ESPN. The reason for its popularity is obvious; where else can you get the chance to legally shoot your friends in the face with a gun? But with so many leagues, so many kinds of equipment and so many playing fields to choose from it can be hard for novices to dive into the sport. Here’s a guide to the best paintball sites on the net, so even the greenest of paintballers can find out where to gear up, get out and splat their opponents with gooey balls of death.

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Paintball Nation
A freaking HUGE paintball forum, with message boards for every conceivable topic.

Paintball Forum
This forum is a little smaller than others, but it is nicely divided by types of paintball, such as scenario and recball.

Paintball Online
Huge paintball gear store for the enthusiasts.

National Paintball
Paintball gear.

SAK World Paintball
More paintball gear.


The Ultimate Paintball Mancation
Fill up your "magazine" and head to this haven for paintball lovers.

Paintball Tactics, Advice and Tricks
Get the most out of your paintball gun!

How to be good at paintball (even if you’ve never played before)
Whether you are going paintballing for a birthday party, an office outing, or just because, playing paintball for the first time is an adrenaline rush like no other. But let’s be honest, it’s not so easy to go paintball-Rambo if you don’t know one end of your paintball marker from the other. To help new players, this site has listed 6 paintball hints that you can help you survive your first paintball game and improve as a paintball player.

The Ten Commandments of Paintball
The Ten Commandments of Paintball will also help keep you from looking like a total noob. Even though you may be far from the best player on the field, at least you’ll know enough of the basics to be able to handle your own..

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