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Paintball used to be the sport of choice for survivor freaks and boy scouts only, but in the past 10 years or so the sport has exploded in popularity, with professional tournaments even getting airtime on ESPN. The reason for its popularity is obvious; where else can you get the chance to legally shoot your friends in the face with a gun? But with so many leagues, so many kinds of equipment and so many playing fields to choose from it can be hard for novices to dive into the sport. Here’s a guide to the best paintball sites on the net, so even the greenest of paintballers can find out where to gear up, get out and splat their opponents with gooey balls of death.

Paintball Leagues

The National Professional Paintball League is one of the biggest paintball leagues in America, with nationally televised events airing on ESPN2. They are the premier 7-on-7 paintball league.

PSP Events
No, this isn’t a site for Sony’s handheld, it’s the homepage of Paintball Sports Promotions – who run the national X-Ball (that’s 5-on-5 paintball) tournament.

College Paintball
This is the homepage of the NCPA (National College Paintball League) which is attempting to promote collegiate paintball competition. I highly doubt you can get a scholarship into OSU playing it however.

Formerly the World Paintball League, the UAPL (Ultimate Arena Paintball League) hold indoor 3-on-3 games and they are occasionally broadcast on TV. Judging from the pics on the site, this might just be the messiest paintball league out there.

They can’t spell extreme, but the Xtreme Paintball Sports League sure does host a lot of tournaments. They also have various levels of tournament play, from professional to the junior-level Young Guns.

This is the homepage of the SPPL, the Scenario Paintball Players League. Scenario paintball involves larger fields, sometimes up to 7 acres, and the games usually last around an hour. This is the closest you’ll get to playing Unreal in real life without having to face criminal charges.

News and Information Sites

War Pig
A good news site for various paintball leagues. There is also a good tech news section here as well, which features new and upcoming paintball products. Of no relation to the Black Sabbath song.
A nice all-around news and information site, features news, forums, stores and safety tips and guides for paintball novices. Their review section of paintball guns and gear is fairly in-depth too, so this is a good place to find out about stuff before you buy it.

68 Caliber
This is a great news and information site that features paintball news for nearly all kinds of paintball, reviews of paintball products and interviews with people inside the paintball industry. They also have a downloadable radio show that covers all the big news and events in the world of paintball.

Christian Paintballers
These dudes paint ass for the lord. They’re mission statement is “To spread the Gospel by having a Christ- like attitude while engaging in the sport of paintball.” I don’t know how that works, but more power to them.


Paintball Nation
A freaking HUGE paintball forum, with message boards for every conceivable topic.

Paintball Review
This site is all about reviewing paintball guns and related paintball equipment. Unlike other review sites, this is all user-run, with visitors contributing dozens of reviews for not only paintball equipment, but paintball fields as well.

Paintball Forum
This forum is a little smaller than others, but it is nicely divided by types of paintball, such as scenario and recball.

Paintball Merchandise

There are more places to buy paintball guns, balls and equipment than I could possibly imagine. Here are some of the biggest and best.

Paintball Discounters
800 Paintball
888 Paintball
National Paintball
SAK World Paintball

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