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To some, dodgeball might have seemed like a school-sanctioned way for bullies to give them a black eye. But, ever since the Ben Stiller/Vince Vaughn movie came out in 2004 the sport has experienced a surge in popularity. As nostalgia-fueled hipsters have started up adult dodgeball leagues all over the world, it has become making it the only sport ever to be played almost solely on an ironic level. Dodgeball sure has a healthy presence on the web, and some of the best sites are listed here.

National Dodgeball Organizations

The homepage of the International Dodgeball Federation, where you can buy the only official dodgeball that is sanctioned by the IDBF. In theory you can also find dodgeball leagues in your area by using their map – but good luck getting it to display anything other than “No IDBF affiliate available.”

The official homepage of the National Amateur Dodgeball Association, aka NADA (you think they would’ve thought of a better anagram than one that means NOTHING.) This is a much better site than the IDBF’s homepage, and has much more information on how to find leagues and teams in your area.

This is the only officially recognized body for the sport of dodgeball in the UK. They also have some information on how to find or start a team or league in your area. I’d have to imagine that UK dodgeball is wicked hard; they don’t have to worry about keeping their teeth looking good after all.

IDBF Japan
What’s more insane than a webpage dedicated to the international proliferation of dodgeball? Its Japanese equivalent.

So you’ve been smacking geeks in the head at with rubber balls for a while and you think you’re getting good? Why not go pro? This is the only pro dodgeball league in America, and they currently have four teams. No idea on what kind of pay you can get for being a professional dodgeballer, but you probably shouldn’t quit your day job.

Local Dodgeball Leagues

L.A. Dodgeball Society
The home of the Los Angeles Dodgeball Society and one of the best-looking and most organized dodgeball sites on the internet. It looks like all of the L.A. dodgeball players are skinny little hipster boys, so if you want to break some nerd face with a rubber ball you should sign up to play with these squirts.

Minneapolis Dodgeball
Another local dodgeball league homepage, this one’s located in Minneapolis – and the only one that admits you’ll probably meet some dorks if you play.

Vancouver Dodgeball League
Canada’s premier dodgeball league – and before you ask, no they don’t play on ice. They are incredibly organized with set up teams and everything. You do have to pay to join however, and it’s strictly 18 and up.

Dallas Dodgeball
The Dallas dodgeballers seem to take their sport a lot more seriously than others do. You won’t find any Napoleon Dynamite-looking geeks in tight shorts posing for the camera here. This site is straight and to the point, with information on local dodgeball events and rules. They’re also one of the only dodgeball organizations that are co-ed and all ages. Great for the 25 year old man that wants to drill his big red ball into a little girl’s face.

Dodgeball Guide

Guide To Dodgeball
This is the only guide to dodgeball I found on the net, complete with pre-game strategies and good tips on how to control your balls (which is just as important off the court.)

Dodgeball Equipment

Old-school Dodgeballs
If you and your dodgeball team want to kick it old-school, don’t order those ‘officially-licensed dodgeballs, go here and buy some old-fashioned grade school rubber balls. These little bastards are the ones you probably had in school and they sting like a mother. Playing with anything else is a cop-out.

Dodgeball Experiences

Painful Balls
One blogger’s personal experience with adult dodgeball. He got hit in the face, nailed in the balls and hurt by a girl – sounds like an accurate reproduction of grade school dodgeball if I ever heard one.

First-Hand Dodgeball Account
This reporter’s recent foray into adult dodgeball is a bit more favorable, but I still wouldn’t go into one of these rings without a mouth guard and a cup.

God Hates Dodgeball
This sounds like an outtake of the dodgeball movie.

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