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Table Soccer anyone?

Foosball is a blast, whether you're playing in a bar or in your man cave. It's soemthing you do with friends and beers. Enjoy!

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This site provides everything you could ever want to know about the sport including rules, game strategies and FAQ’s.

Bar Games 101 - Foosball
We all love bar games, and this site has tons of great content regarding foosball and other games to play with beers.

The Foosball Tour
Play competitive foosball.


The Murky History of Foosball
How did the tabletop game get from parlor halls in 19th-century Europe to the basements of American homes?

21 Foosball Tips & Techniques to Improve Your Game
Check this out to learn about the many ways you can become a better foosball player and win more games.

Foosball Tips
Comprehensive list of foosball tips.

Shots and trick to improve your foosball offense
Great insight for players.

A brief history of foosball
Here's a cool history of foosball, which is a bit murky. Outside the U.S., the sport where two teams try to kick a ball into the other side's goal without using their hands is known as “football.” However, when it comes to the tabletop version of the game, it seems impossible to reach a consensus. In the UK, the game is “table football.” In France, it’s adorably called “baby foot.” In much of Eastern Europe, it’s “kicker,” after one of the first companies to produce game tables. And in Spain, it’s "futbolín." As usual, Americans have to be different, so we’ve gone with “foosball.” But because the game is played all over the world, there are dozens of regional nicknames for this very popular bar game.

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