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Relationships are never easy, now ad the opinion, ad infinitum, of the web universe. Men and women weigh in on what makes a relationship work and try to decipher the needs of men and women and what makes for a great relationship.

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Relationship Blogs - Web Guide

The Men’s Place
A place where men can receive practical advice about relationship issues, parenting and life in general. This is good reading for all the guys out there. Get good advice from guys like you who are in the trenches of life!

Advice from a Single Dating Expert
Because who knows more about dating than a guy who is still dating? Evan Marc Katz weighs in on the real life dating scene with personal experience and some seasoned insights for the frustrated dater.

Ask Mars Venus
Sex advice and straight talk from relationship coaches and the general public is what you will find here. Message boards and a toll free number are available for relationship emergencies!
BaltAmour, as they call it, is the relationship and dating blog offering tales of love, like and everything in between.

Miss Sensuality – My Bedroom Blog
Amy V, who is pretty damn hot, discusses sex, dating and relationships from a girl’s point of view. It’s very entertaining stuff.

Where all feelings are welcome. Come on now, it’s not so bad. There is a lot of good writing and interesting topics discussed on this site. Check it out to broaden your horizons.

Relationship Repair
This site offers relationship and family advice. Real issues are discussed in an honest forum allowing for sincerity and candor among a community of supportive bloggers.

This is the community for women who blog, “you say, we share it”. Look at the relationship from her perspective. Who knows, you might learn something.

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