Female body language guide, reading female body language tips for men
Female body language guide, reading female body language, female body language secrets, body language tips for men

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Most communication is only 7% verbal

For most guys there is no task more daunting than that of crossing a room to meet a woman who has caught your eye. She’s attractive and you want to meet her but is she into you? Is she giving you the “come on” or the stink eye? It can be hard to tell in the modern day jungle of singles bars and coffee shops. We are hard wired to attract members of the opposite sex so rely on your instincts; with a little coaching and refinement, to read the signals that the ladies are sending. Once you figure out her signals you’ll discover that she is actually doing all the work and all you have to do is be receptive and make your move.

Reading body language is also extremely important once you get to the date or any other interaction with a woman, like flirting. You can learn a lot about how she feels about you and what you are saying by observing how she is sitting, her posture and what she's doing with her arms and legs. Learn the signs and be observant!

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The links below offer helpful tips to deciphering the subtle body language that lets you know she giving you the green light for love, romance or a roll in the hay!

Reading Female Body Language: 15 Cues To Reveal Attraction
How do you tell she’s into you? Women give away many signs that you may not be aware of. Here are 15 female body language cues of attraction to look for.

Female Body Language: 10 Signs She Might Be Interested
Body language is the way people communicate nonverbally, through facial expressions, different gestures, pacifying movements, and vocal characteristics such as the tone and pitch of the voice. Learn more here.

Quick and easy to follow advice helps you to learn the secret language that women speak to the men they desire. This is a no nonsense guide to decode the language of female desire.

Learn not only to read her body language but send the right signals of your own. This article offers lucid direct advice on how to interpret a woman’s body language and clues you in on the cues to make your move.

AskMen.com –Body Language Signs
Fumble no more with easy to read clues she’s throwing at you.

An almost scientific approach to reading body language can be found here. Also, check out flirting quickies for answers to dating and attraction issues.


How to Read Female Body Language and Decode Women

9 Body Language Signs She's Attracted to You

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