Female body language guide, reading female body language, female body language secrets, body language tips for men
Female body language guide, reading female body language, female body language secrets, body language tips for men

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Most communication is only 7% verbal

For most guys there is no task more daunting than that of crossing a room to meet a woman who has caught your eye. She’s attractive and you want to meet her but is she into you? Is she giving you the “come on” or the stink eye? It can be hard to tell in the modern day jungle of singles bars and coffee shops. We are hard wired to attract members of the opposite sex so rely on your instincts; with a little coaching and refinement, to read the signals that the ladies are sending. Once you figure out her signals you’ll discover that she is actually doing all the work and all you have to do is be receptive and make your move.

Reading body language is also extremely important once you get to the date or any other interaction with a woman, like flirting. You can learn a lot about how she feels about you and what you are saying by observing how she is sitting, her posture and what she's doing with her arms and legs. Learn the signs and be observant!

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The links below offer helpful tips to deciphering the subtle body language that lets you know she giving you the green light for love, romance or a roll in the hay!

A Guide to Reading Flirty Body Language for Guys
This blog post from our friends at Asylum.com is a quick and helpful tutorial on the subject with photos to help you through the basics. Read this and you'll get a good start on the topic, and you'll want to learn more.

A brief article introduces you to the clues women are sending to reel you in. Get the inside scoop on female body lingo and find links to related topics.

Top Flirting Tips
Is she interested in you? Get bullet point tips to decipher even the most subtle of female signals. Is she fixing her hair or trying to entice into a sexual tryst? Read these tips and find out.

The Player Society.com
You’ll find all kinds of tips and tricks of the player trade on this site. Most of the information is in article form for sale on the web but promises big results.

Quick and easy to follow advice helps you to learn the secret language that women speak to the men they desire. This is a no nonsense guide to decode the language of female desire.

Learn not only to read her body language but send the right signals of your own. This article offers lucid direct advice on how to interpret a woman’s body language and clues you in on the cues to make your move.

Reading Female Body Language
Women send 6 times more body language signals than men and this site breaks some of those down into primary and secondary categories. Find links to articles and books and much more dating advice, here.

Data Guru
Female courtship strategies unveiled in this short but sweet how- to- guide when dancing the subtle dance of courtship. A woman gives great advice to men who might prefer to bulldoze rather than tip toe their way to a woman’s heart.

Advice on decoding female sexual signals is accompanied by photos. Even the simplest fellow will be able to learn to detect the signs that tell you she ready for romance.

My Dear Valentine
This site offers female body language made easy. There are also links to articles about love and romance and mastering the art o attraction.

AskMen.com – 8 Body Language Signs
This article offers up the eight body language signs that let you know she’s interested. Fumble no more with easy to read clues she’s throwing at you.

Attract Women
The Attract Women Menu is a virtual a la carte selection of all your dating needs. Female body language is interpreted in a step by step scenario that even clumsiest among us can recognize.

You’ll find all kinds of love and dating advice and especially a easy to follow guide that clearly explains the subtle movements women make with their bodies and what it all means to you.

The 8 hidden Secrets of female body language are revealed down to the subtlest eyebrow twitch! Enjoy unlocking the not so mysterious ways women communicate and find links to articles which cover the gamut of romantic queries.

The Romance Bible
This site in depth interpretation and thoughtful consideration to the myriad of gestures, postures and poses affected by women to lure you in or brush you aside.

An almost scientific approach to reading body language can be found here. Also, check out flirting quickies for answers to dating and attraction issues.

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