Pick up lines for men, best pick up lines, funny pick up lines, corny pick up lines, pick up lines that work
Pick up lines for men, best pick up lines, funny pick up lines, corny pick up lines, pick up lines that work

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When it comes to picking up women, well, let’s just say that there are many approaches. From the silly to the sublime, the ridiculous to the raunchy, men have been employing every angle possible to get the attention of someone special or someone breathing! For the loathsome Lothario goofy come-ons and cheesy one-liners can actually have their appeal. But for the more serious, there is great advice for the “cold approach” as used in bars and clubs when accosting a bevy of young nubile nymphs. The websites listed below cover the gamut of pick up lines and approach methods. Some are clearly for entertainment purposes only; however, a few offer realistic, practical advice for the man who wants to meet the girl of his dreams; if only for tonight!

Of course, there’s so much more this game than opening a conversation, but you’ll get nowhere if you don’t even try. Check out our dating tips section for more comprehensive advice, but if a pick-up line helps you get started, then have at it.

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Pick Up Lines - Web Guide

Self proclaimed “useless pick-up lines” tells the story, however, never underestimate the power of getting someone’s attention; no matter how ludicrous the line. If only for a laugh or a walk down memory lane of your own pick up gaffes, check out this site.

This cool site let's you rank pickup lines, and it has an interesting page where readers can submit pickup stories. Listening to men and women tell their stories about pickup lines, how they worked or didn't work, and the reactions of the other person give helpful context and make the subject more interesting.

This site offers nothing but silly one-liners; hardly to be taken seriously. If nothing else you may appeal to a girl with a great sense of humor or offend her beyond recovery. It’s your choice. Do guys really say this stuff?

Pick Up Lines
Well, they have lines broken down into categories; from Beavis and Butthead to Star Wars, you never know when you might need a good Princess Leah line. For comic relief only. If these lines work…..call me!

Romance Stuck
Although the cheesy pick-up lines are run of the mill and predictably useless, the site itself offers advice and articles on dating and relationships, useful opening lines and tips for meeting singles.

Pick Up Lines Galore
You will find all kinds of pick-up lines/jokes, here. They are broken down into categories such as, Jewish, Geek, Anime, Science fiction, Math, Harry Potter, Witchcraft and so many more. You may offer up a pick-up a line which indicates a common interest.

More corny, cheesy, silly pick-up lines/jokes. You will at least elicit a raised eyebrow or two if not a slap in the face but hey, at least you’ve got her attention!

This site offers more than just lines. You will find all kinds of advice on meeting and approaching women. Find the killer pick-up lines that will land you that hottie and seduction secrets that will have her melting in your hands.

A collection of contributing writers offers tips and advice for approaching and dating women. The site also has blogs, forums, and articles. Feedback and responses from women are quite interesting and hopefully, enlightening.

Mehow is the man, getting women is the plan. You have got to see this skinny, balding, geeky guy in action. As seen on T.V., his methods hold water and have worked for many. Check out the video on the site and be prepared to pull out your credit card and order his books and CDs.

So many pick-up lines, stories and jokes, you will have a virtual arsenal of conversational material. Even if the lines don’t work she won’t be able to shut you up! You may even make her laugh which, truth be told, is the best strategy of all.

AskMen.com – Bad Pickup Lines
These guys offer some practical user friendly advice for meeting and picking up women. Narrowed down to the top ten, you will find conversation starters and strategies that will intrigue and engage the gal of your choice.

Nerve's Pickup Line Contest
Check out the hilarious list.

Since the first words out of your mouth may be construed as a pick-up line, why not come off as clever and witty? These are old school cheese, but worth a look for the laughs alone.

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