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Our dating tips page is loaded with great advice from David DeAngelo about how to drop your "nice guy" approach and improve your success with women. Here's some more great advice from David DeAngelo:

Of course... one of the best places to meet women AND refine your skills at the same time is ONLINE.

It's where I made my biggest breakthroughs... and actually where I met my two last girlfriends.

I've just released a brand new course that's designed to show you how to EASILY meet and attract more women online in a month than most guys do in a year.

It's JAM PACKED with dozens of proven techniques for finding the most beautiful women online... writing emails that almost GUARANTEE a response... how to tweak your profile so women actually approach YOU... and how to take things "offline" quickly and easily.

If you're serious about meeting a lot of women FAST... and perfecting your skills at the same time in a "risk free" enviroment, this course is a must.

Go here to check it out now... and be sure to watch the KILLER video samples I've uploaded for you:

· www.DoubleYourDating.com/MeetingWomenOnline ·

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