Compatibility guide, relationship compatibility, compatibility between men and women
Compatibility guide, relationship compatibility

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What the heck is compatibility? Whatever it is, you better have it if you’re going to be in a long relationship, let alone marriage. Here are some simple definitions:

  1. a feeling of sympathetic understanding
  2. capable of existing or living together in harmony

When it comes to compatibility in romantic relationships the issue goes much deeper than liking the same kinds of music or sharing ideas about politics and religion. The very nature of a relationship is intrinsically symbiotic. Men need to understand what women want and women need to understand what men want in order to create a happy union.

There are often times deep seeded reasons for our choice in a mate and whether it is conscious or sub-conscious, learned behavior, genetic or biological by design, men and women have consistently, fought the same battle in the war of the sexes; men seek youth and beauty and women seek security. This appears to be the best recipe for compatibility.

Women are often times looking for a man who will be a dependable partner and provider. While attraction is important, women are less likely to seek out the lusty lothario for a long term relationship. Security and reliability are the characteristics that draw women for the long haul. Men are looking for youth and beauty. Whether these characteristics give subliminal clues to her ability to bear children or if men simply desire visually stimulating mates in order to be compelled to provide and protect, we may never know.

Although the debate rages on as to whether we are biologically predisposed to this kind of behavior and, there are indeed exceptions to every generality, the majority of relationships fall into this kind of template. By fulfilling the primordial needs of your partner she can be “a little bit country” and you can be “a little bit rock-and-roll” and still have a highly compatible relationship.

There is a wealth of research and many articles on the web which address the issue of compatibility. Check out the links below to see where you fit in the debate and find the perfect match for you.

Compatibility Web Guide

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When all else fails consult the astrologer! Well, it can’t possible less effective than a wild guess. Check out this site for a little fun and curiosity and see if the stars hold the answers for you.

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The Relationship Gym
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Ezine Articles
Ezine decodes the compatibility factor and offers links to articles, blogs and advice to help you decide if you are courting Miss Right or Miss Right Now.

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Compatibility Tests

There are all sorts of web sites trying to help you and your gal figure out if you’re compatible. Do they work? Who knows? They can, however, be pretty fun.
Plenty of personality tests.

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